Children’s bunk bed — comfort and practicality

Children's bunk bed - comfort and practicality

Children’s bunk bed will provide comfortable sleep to your kids! Due to its practicality, you will be able to save useful space child’s room that can be reserved for games.

The modern market offers to buy the bed had not been overlooked and a lot of bunk products. They can be divided into two types: two beds and a single bed. Children’s bunk beds with a single bed can be equipped with a bottom Cabinet, a Desk, a sofa or play area. This bunk bed convertible is the perfect option for people living in small apartments.

Between risk and benefits

Choosing bunk beds is big, but his process is always limited security. First, you need to ensure durability of the furniture. Vacillation is always a threat to the child. Pay special attention to the legs, they should be strong and convincing thick. On the second tier, the height of the rim must be greater than 35 centimeters. Skirting can be put on the side of the wall, there were cases when the child fell into the crack. The age of the child – not a secondary factor. Bedroom high-rise is recommended for children over 6 years.

Stairs, if it ladders must have handrails and wide enough stairs. But whatever it was, more secure and attached to the bed frame.

The space between the tiers is the main condition of comfort. On the bottom of the child must not just sit, but when lifting not to touch the head of the upper bed. The problem of the second tier may be close to the ceiling. Then, warning parents ‘ instructions not just fall on the childs head, but also quickly find physical support. However, if you do bunk beds for children to order, then you can consider all the settings of your child’s room.

Material assessment

Price is not the only criterion weighted choice. Equally important are the materials used to make bunk beds. Ideally, of course, is wood: beech, oak, birch. It will be environmentally friendly and durable bed. However, the cost will be considerable. Cheaper than other products made of pine, but there are dents from the blows.

The most cost-effective option – DSP. Its durability manufacturers do not guarantee, but the child still grows up faster. When buying furniture made of chipboard more afraid of the formaldehyde. Usually, the quality is not in doubt, but to teach the child more often to ventilate the room – also a concomitant benefit.

You can meet metal bunk beds, in terms of reliability and service life are not inferior to wood, but from the point of view of security, this option ranks last. Childish pranks, blows on the bed… a Child can get seriously injured. However, these fears are not a reason for refusal from the purchase. Just external conditions will be the train to educate discipline.

3 bed Council

Even when choosing, consider the following:

  • the coating, which has to be hypoallergenic, safe for health and durable enough;
  • age and growth of the future owners of children’s furniture. The bed should not be too small or too big for children;
  • the bed should be selected so that it will fit into the interior of the nursery. Aesthetics also are vaccinated in childhood.

A reasonable balance of safety and comfort the main parental wealth will help to find trading consultants: the prestige of a good salesperson is the best advertisement of baby furniture.

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