Children — flowers of life

children - flowers of life

There is a saying childrenflowers of life. Children are our all, parents love their child more than anything, trying to give and do everything for him. When you give birth to your baby, it’s an incredible feeling of joy and incredible great love for that little man. Whom you gave life, you feed it, you nurture and care like a mother lioness protects her cub. When a child is born the mother goes weekly rehabilitating your body after childbirth, while the child is under medical supervision. And only at feeding time given by the mother. After all the procedures, doctors convinced of the safety of mother and child, doctors give peace to leave and then the father can take his child and wife.

Children at a small age about the first year is very clumsy and curious. For this they need to prepare the room for the entire security that he could not hurt. First year and parents need to be extremely careful. What to feed baby, the first years, and to follow the regime of sleep, food, games, etc.

Also, if necessary, when you live a small child not to keep animals. Cats, dogs or parrots, as doctors recommend that young children not enough to communicate with the animals. As a small child has a weak immune system, and can appear allergic or may be scared at some point and there will be problems that will impact in the future on his speech, or his nervous system.

They are not all long fed mother’s milk, and it’s not very good. Because nursing mothers are rich in substances milk, which provides everything necessary for quick growth. There are a lot of nutrients, of which he is so required in the first year. A lot, mothers who feed their children 2.5-3 years, such children grow up very healthy and strong. Because maternal milk is very much in it all the vitamins, so that the child needs. Well, if the child still you have stopped eating mother’s milk and moved to the dry mixture. So the child is not like mother’s milk, maybe he feels spoiled taste due to the fact that the mother is experiencing stress. Or stagnation and the baby eats it all and the milk in the breast of a young mother goes missing and spoils the rest of the milk that is produced in nursing.

Children every day, something discover new. They are learning more, and carefully examine, different and interesting things, for example: children like to strongly examine your toes and hands everywhere trying to touch everything and then you need to follow them. And children understand very well what they allow and don’t allow the age of 1.5 years, when they are trying to deceive parents.

Kids are the most amazing miracle that’s always something surprising, and constantly in need of parental supervision, even when the child grows up and becomes himself the mom or dad. A good baby photographer is able to capture the process of growing up in images that will delight parents memories. They still are drawn to the parents, as is life. Without life we can’t exist.

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