Chair for the gamer Tip Up

Chair for the gamer Tip Up 1

Chair for the gamer Tip Up created by French brand Ligne Roset. This is an unusual chair designed for lovers of console games. One of the useful functions of this gaming chair is a massage similar to what a person receives during a horse riding. Isn’t there something from the horse in this design?!

Chair for the gamer Tip Up 2

Tip-Up – better armchair gamer

Created a chair for the gamer Tip Up steel Catherine and Bruno Lefebvre born in 1963 in Paris. Working for one of the leading contemporary French furniture brands, the company Ligne Roset, they can achieve their wildest ideas. One of the distinguishing features of this work of the design Studio is the collaboration with new design talent, which are the spouses Lefebvre. On their high level of professionalism can explain the fact of their collaboration with famous French interior designer and goods consumption by Philippe Starck!

Thanks to the development of the computer games industry, the gamers, have become quite numerous. While you care about their comfort and health, the company Ligne Roset is making innovative steps in the design of chairs and brings new elements to the world of computer games. If you compare the classic computer chair Toronto and gaming Tip-Up, you can effortlessly find many differences. As you can see, in the chair, Tip Up the person is in a state where it is much easier to hold the controller. Sitting in the pose of a rider, people are more relaxed, and pushing his chest a vertical element of a chair, he shifts the weight to the fifth point, thus reducing the load on the organs of the pelvis. This is very important, because gamers are able to conduct in a sitting position up to ten or more hours.

Dimensions of chair for a gamer is 300×600×1100 mm. It is very easy and convenient to move around the room without even getting up. Long searching, I managed to find the Japanese version of this chair is 280 V. E. believes that all wishing to become the owner of the Tip Up it will also work.

Chair for the gamer Tip Up 3

Chair for the gamer Tip Up 4

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