Ceramics as an important element of the decor

Ceramics as an important element of the decor

Ceramics, whether it be crockery or a vase or a pitcher that can give a special charm and sophistication to any interior. Ceramic has good energy, the texture of its surface creates a pleasant tactile sensation.

Decoration of Pottery in the interior

It is important to remember that ceramic pots, exactly like other utensils of this material, make a harmonious composition with polished furniture, wood and fabric elements. When choosing a ceramic for the interior it is important to consider what color the walls are made, the furniture, the texture of the fabric in the room.

Shelves, shelves and bookcases can be decorated with small earthenware vases, which diversify the interior. On the coffee table can be placed ashtray or a vase for fruits on the kitchen – ceramic jugs, decorated in accordance with the chosen style of the interior. To complement the pitchers can dishes, embossed with medallions hanging on the walls.

Nice looking ceramic jars, set by groups of 3-4 pieces. Aesthetically pleasing look of a combination of ceramic ceramic flat bowl made in consonant with the design.

The choice of ceramic accessories interior in color and texture

If you want to demonstrate your fine artistic taste, pay special attention to color combinations. So, pitchers and other ceramics will be an organic look if you will choose black in combination with orange, blue in addition to black and white, gray and red. Should choose decorative items, taking into account the texture near the jars with a fine texture is to place the polished vases or plates, and Vice versa.

The choice of pitchers is correlated with the area of the room to the large room quite superfluous would be the choice overall, massive products. For a small kitchen or hallway should choose the smallest decorative elements.

If you have interested in ceramic jugs range in the store, «Decorso» will surprise you. Here are only the finest pottery, decorated in the best traditions of Italian design.

All products are supplied to us only from verified companies directly, without intermediaries. This allows us to 100% ensure the high quality of each product. For decorating the pots used vintage Italian techniques, and the composition of paints and varnishes are kept secret. Painted paints and liquid gold gives the products extra pizzazz.

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