Ceramic tile, Atlas Concorde is the benchmark for quality and aesthetics

Ceramic tile, Atlas Concorde is the benchmark for quality and aesthetics

Famous Italian brand of Atlas Concorde has a half-century history. For decades, the company has modernized and improved the production technology, develop new samples according to design and quality. Today ceramic tile Concorde is a benchmark, it is demanded all over the world and widely used in Russia.

Several dozen collections give full freedom of choice for the implementation of any design plans. Different styles, type and surface texture allow you to improvise and experiment. To ensure the diversity and undeniable beauty products on stonelux. Here ceramic tiles Atlas Concorde is sold at an affordable price in a wide range.

The tile is Atlas Concorde – wealth of choice

Modern ceramic tile Atlas Concorde universal. It can be used for bathrooms and kitchens, to living rooms, hallways, open porches. However, she looks great in offices, commercial buildings it is used for decoration of restaurant and hotel complexes. Atlas Concorde gives the space personality and gives it its character – from mild and romantic to whimsical, or formal. On the shelves «Stunlocks»:

  • Basic wall, floor ceramic tiles Atlas Concorde .
  • Decorations for walls in a watercolor, silk, chintz and tapestry patterns, Oriental, geometric patterns.
  • Mosaic for walls and floors flicker.
  • Decors for flooring of different types.
  • Unique beauty panels.
  • Borders and inserts.

Ceramic Atlas Concorde price and discounts

Italian ceramic tile Atlas is not included in the category of budget acquisitions. But buy it, saving is still possible. Online shop «StoneLux» offers buyers prices with minimal margins. When the order volume of 50,000 and above, you will be based on discounts of up to ten percent. The cost of products, Atlas Concord depends on the series, novelty collection, size, artistic performance and technical characteristics. A great offer will allow you to easily determine the price and design. In any case, such investment will be justified, because you get the comfort of a high degree of reliability and environmental friendliness.



Advantages of purchase in the «StoneLux»

  • Ceramic tile Atlas Concorde is implemented at the lowest prices.
  • A wide range of freedom of choice.
  • Constant Advisory support of clients – you will receive expert information.
  • The most convenient website to select and order products – it’s your time savings.
  • Discounts! Visit the store, make a reservation and get a real opportunity to save money on the cost of goods.
  • Availability of all necessary materials for laying tiles.
  • Here you can also buy porcelain tiles for walls, floor, granite steps, sets.
  • Delivery throughout Russia.
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