Cement-lime plaster

Cement-lime plaster

Preservation of new and existing buildings – that is the main concern facing the owners of these buildings. Therefore, each of the owners of buildings are trying to cover the walls of such compositions, to repair required as infrequently as possible. To do this, the walls should be resistant to cracking, weathering, UV radiation, biological attack of algae and fungi.

In addition, the processing needs to look beautiful and attractive. An important factor is the cost – it should be low? especially for those who are engaged in

the construction of warehouses. That is why Belgorod builders often apply the plaster walls of sand-cement mortar. The composition firmly adheres to the wall surface and does not shrink and crack. The cost of the composition and cost of its application are quite low. That leads to significant savings in construction or maintenance work.

Scope of application cement-sand mortar in Belgorod

This composition is based on cement as a binder and sand as a mineral reinforcing filler. Also included are various chemical improving additives. Comes ready to dry mixture, which must be diluted with water in the specified proportion by the manufacturer.

Temperature range of these compositions has a range from +5 to +30 degrees. In cold temperatures it will simply freeze, losing properties. But at higher temperatures the mixture will dry too quickly and cause cracking.

Distinguish several types of plaster a cement-sandy:

  • decorative
  • facade
  • evens,
  • sanitizing and restoration.

Decorative mixture is used to create beautiful textured surfaces in a variety of colors. It is used for both internal and external works.

Facade plaster is used to make the facades finished well-groomed appearance. Such plaster is applied in different ways, for example, «beetle» or «scuba». The facade of the mixture have a higher strength, water resistance and frost resistance than warehouses for decorating interior walls.

Leveling compound is needed to create smooth wall surfaces and preparing them for finishing. These mixtures are applied on rough mineral surfaces, cement, ceramic walls.

Sanitizing and restorative blend designed to improve the appearance or restore damaged, old (worn) walls. These compositions have high strength and good adhesion. They penetrate deep into the pores of the walls and protect them from moisture, salt, cold air. Such mixtures are used in basements, cellars, on the walls of old buildings.

Where you can buy cement-sand plaster in Belgorod

In Belgorod and Belgorod region plasters it is easiest to purchase, open the online store Slavda. This company offers a wide selection of plasters, but to buy them no need to go to showrooms or warehouses of the company. Directly from the house you can make your choice and place your order through the online store, to obtain advice from the Manager of the company Slavda, calculate the required amount of plaster using the calculator materials.

By the way, when ordering through the online store, the customer will be given a discount on shipping of goods in Belgorod.

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