Carpet: installation guidelines

Carpet: installation guidelines

Carpet is a textile durable, warm coating, safe for health. He will decorate the interior of the dwelling, office, corridors, as well as create additional comfort and coziness.

Before going to the store need to make an accurate measurement of the floorwhere you intend laying carpet. Ideally, the entire floor is covered with a solid piece that looks more aesthetically pleasing and significantly increases its service life. Also, when buying a carpet should be considered a technological requirement – the margin of 5 cm around the perimeter of the carpet. Large assortment of carpets can be found here: legkopol/catalog/kovrolin/child/.

For its installation it is necessary to approach competently, because properly laid carpet is a guarantee of his long service. Not difficult to find a master who is professionally engaged in the flooring, but it is good to be able to do everything with their hands – because then laying a carpet would not be a problem.

Before you begin to lay carpet, it is necessary to prepare under it basis.

The floor should be completely dry from moisture and always with a smooth surface. To extend the longevity of the carpet, it is recommended to lay a good basis. Also the substrate will make the floor more resilient, strong and warm, and will improve the soundproofing of the room.

In order to do it better than you need for cutting carpet. Cutting them the carpet is very easy and convenient. Also, for cutting edge the edges of the cover will need a special template.

In its sole discretion, it is possible to lay carpet in several ways. It can be laid without adhesive or adhesive method.

Glueless method or stretching, gives the opportunity to lay carpet without joints. He stretched with the use of gripper – special nails. With this method of installation, the carpet must be flexible and amenable to stretching. This method of installation is suitable for indoor use only length and width no more than 5 meters.

In order to lay carpet adhesive method, you need to have double sided tape or special glue. The coating must be maximized and aligned, without creases, and when the coating, near the walls must remain stock 3-5 cm

Carpet needs to be spread out on the floor and let it ripen at room temperature in order to remove the creases. Then close to the wall to put the prepared template and a knife to trim the carpet on the upper edge.

Then you need to remove the tape protective film and lay the covering on the adhesive side of the tape.

Provided that the laying of a covering is not possible, the pieces should be glued parallel to the overlap.

The adhesive method is the most common, but for better styling this method is recommended hiring a professional for laying the floor covering. Sometimes this is the only possible method of installation in areas with bends, slopes and where a large cross

After laying the carpet, it is not recommended to walk on it or place furniture throughout the day.

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