Carpathian mountains — incredible natural wealth!

Carpathian mountains - incredible natural wealth

Carpathian mountains – incredible natural wealth! Tough year for us. As always, hoping that it will be easier that you can decorate your stay of a good program to go abroad or at sea. Well, I wasn’t planning on seas and foreign countries, because the holiday money was just enough to… Well, not complaining. Well rested in the Carpathian mountains! At least there are still places where you can drink the water straight from the source, and people are not open-minded «benefits of civilization». And nature — and here to persuade anyone not necessary. Climbing to the top, armfuls of flowers, fresh air, winding roads and green slim tree… I came home with a wonderful selection of photos clicked more than 1000! Now I am reviewing again and thoughts rush in the summer.

Kryvorivnya — mountainous Hutsul village

So, I visited in Kryvorivnya. It is a village-Museum, which was shooting the film «shadows of forgotten ancestors». Vacationing here Franko, Hrushevsky, Kotsyubinsky, gnat khotkevich… Like them, I had to be at a prearranged place: one of the private estates. And why in a private estate? To feel like home! Because it was possible in the hotel. The owner, Mr. Nicholas, a physics teacher at the local school. It’s obvious that it is respected. For several years he invites everyone to his estate in the settlement of the District. You can choose the most cozy cottages of Bukovel here.

Of course, the village could not sit still. The first night went to the river — so the heat of the day warmed the rushing waters of the Black Cheremosh, that you can take as a Jacuzzi. The next day, prayed, and took the local wooden Church, monument, 1719. Came father, which treats of the miraculous icons. The churchyard has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains — and they cling to each other in a kind of horseshoe, holding in its green palms village.

I went into the house-Grazhda, where Paradjanov filmed their «Shadows…» (so-called «House of Ivan»). Opened our neighbor’s kid. Incidentally, the house belonged to the grandmother of our host, Mr. Nicholas. Towards evening I went to Palievaya source — it was a well, hidden among the trees.

I visited the Museum of Ivan Franko — even a little surprised that in the summer it is several excursions a day, with groups not only from Ukraine and Russia. And then they showed us the house, which should be the Museum of local painter and poet Paraski Tile-Adonis.

And on Sunday our host took us to the mountain Igrets. There the family lives of Nicholas and Tatiana, Marsakov that do the best in these parts cheese and cheese. They live highly enough — we walked almost two hours from the village of Bukovets in a house built in 1925. The family has seven cows and forty sheep the whole economy. The mountain Igrets we saw the Montenegrin mountains, the mountain PIP Ivan and Hoverla… the sky. A lot of the sky. Jumped through old Romanian trenches, drinking water, admiring the scenery Bukovetsky pass, Upper Asenova and Kryvorivnya. (By the way, at the Top Yasenove lives of the famous molfar Nechay).

Hike to painted Rock

The whole day we spent Hiking on the painted Stone. It is also not far. Bus in Bukovets ‘ (there is the highest Church, 837 metres above sea level), heading up the mountain. On the way we saw the old hut-CET in which you live the local Hutsuls-Indians. Some are grimy, but clean. A group of tourists gave the kids sweets and yogurts. It was touching to see how the baby, who apparently, for the entire year had so many treats, is the hem welcome to show mom.

Painted Stone — a magical place. This is a large rock where there are old and new labels. Around — Athens (blueberries) that are not collected with your fingers and comb combs. After berry we had the purple tongue like the dog Chow.

Then we went down to the Top Jasenovo — a bit lost. While looking for the road, a fried hands and feet. Everywhere had dinner bells, cow and sheep, and people were turning the hay.


The whole day we gave Vorokhta. Had to drive for almost an hour. The reward was the magnificent new landscapes. However, the chairlift was under repair. Even made a few churches and wooden houses. It was only later I learned that in Verkhovyna you can visit the Museum of Roman Kumlyk, a local musician who plays at anything that moves. Well, apparently, next time…

Not regret that I visited this summer in the Carpathians. You suggest. Better than the sea! True, true!

And on that word there are healthy!

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