Car Wrapping, what is it?

Car Wrapping, what is it?

Motorists often, in order to make his car unlike any other vehicles, put your car paint or airbrush styling. However, there is another option that allows you to change the appearance of your vehicle – the so-called Car Wrapping. This coating technology car wrap film imitating carbon. This kind of car handling «wrapping it under the film» invented in Germany about 20 years ago. The uniqueness of this technology lies in the properties of the film. Before pasting, the car film is heated, after which it becomes pliable and easily stretched. This is useful for pasting uneven or convex surfaces of the car body. However, despite the apparent ease, this process takes much time and labor.

Machine before gluing subjected to a thorough treatment: removed the entire paint layer, silicone residues, traces of animals and plants, and dirt. The work can start until the car passes the finish.

Taping is different from painting and varnishing, painting all elements are separately and taping takes place at once on all parts of the body, requires great skill to exactly the right places to tuck the edges of the film.

In Car Wrapping.

First, it is possible to return all back if you want to change the design. Secondly, the film protects the car from minor chipping. Third, after removal of the film, your car will be incredibly clean, and the paint layer will not tend to ultraviolet rays.

This painting of a car using the film of professionalov it takes very little time. This is the main advantage of this type of styling car. Also attracts a reasonable price. Taping will be cheaper for the car owner than the color.

However, there are disadvantages to this technology. The presence of the film on the car, can be seen with the naked eye, so make the job better, being at some distance. The film is easily damaged even hitting her fingernail as a polyvinyl chloride.

Knowing all the pros and cons of Car Wrapping technology you can apply to your car or to choose another way to add to your car’s originality.

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