Car scammers on the road: how to recognize and defend

Car scammers on the road: how to recognize and defend

Car trips are always associated with risks. It can be small troubles of type of flat tires, serious adventure, and sometimes the financial problems that can give you car the crooks on the roads. Their actions no one is immune. But you can protect yourself, you only need to understand who and how satisfied avtopodstavy on the road.

Scheme avtopodstav simple. Most often it is a dramatization of the accident, which involved two to four people, with the participation of expensive cars, the repair of which is quite expensive.

As victims are not very expensive new or used cars, the cabin of which there are no outsiders who can serve as witnesses. In the field of view of the crooks often get women with children, drivers-beginners or students of driving schools, whose car is a special character.

Scenarios avtopodstav very much and fraudsters come up with new ones. But the most common these types of avtopodstav:

  • touched the bumper. Overtaking the car of the victim, the scammer is rebuilt in the same lane and dramatically slows down. The victim suspects nothing, no time to react and slams into the front car. Don’t have time to regroup, so guilty.
  • a collision at the intersection when the crook is inserted during the passage of the intersection.
  • accidents with pedestrians are generated in two scenarios: in Parking lots and in places with large concentrations of people or in crosswalks.
  • To avoid such situations, follow these tips:
  • select auto video recorder and a good rear view mirror. High-quality recording will help to prove your innocence.
  • on the road, be extremely careful and cautious.
  • in any accident, call the police.
  • do not leave the scene until the arrival of traffic police;
  • do not agree to the terms of fraud, even if they look very attractive.

If you fell into the trap, don’t lose your temper, try to keep cool. Call the traffic police and ambulance (if necessary) and check out the photos and videos. Be sure to inform your insurance company about the insured event.

Have a good trip!

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