Capricious lady «Fashion» in historical perspective

Capricious lady

The theme of fashion is always relevant. Now in the XXI century and fashion has become a real industry. What was fashionable in the XX. century why prefer ladies that time?

In the world of fashion , nothing is permanent. For those who want to stay in trend you have to closely monitor the latest developments in the world of fashion. However, in this area most effectively manifested a saying «Everything new is well forgotten old». That’s what the designers of fashion studying history.

The war in 1941. It brought about changes in all. Changed the lifestyle and worldview of the Soviet people. It is natural that fashion could not remain aloof from the Patriotic sentiments of the people. The clothes are not observed womanhood, she becomes more and more similar to military uniforms. Basic features men’s and women’s clothing – appearance of invoices shoulders, patch pockets, tabs, epaulettes, long belts at the waist.

Before the end of hostilities, was open House. Joyful anticipation of a quick victory over Germany repelled and fashion. Fading breech blazers and quilted jackets, women wear bright silk dresses, blouses of crepe de Chine, a figure-hugging fit skirts and stockings, highlighting the slender legs of their owners. Fashion becomes a balm for emotional wounds.

Immediately after the war, the opening of «the all-Union House of fashion». It begins one of the best creative collectives of the Soviet Union, developing patterns for fashion clothes. «The fashion magazine» see all the fashion trends of the time. But the clothes presented in magazines, was a huge contrast to the range of clothing offered by stores. It’s very simple: you need a large amount of clothing to replenish the post-war market. In the fashion industry has been welcomed quantity, hence the quality often left «a lot to be desired». Creative freedom was forbidden, Soviet art historians were forced to work under the «watchful eye» of the Central Committee of the CPSU, foreign dealt with severely.

But do not think that the clothing options designed by fashion designers strictly according to the set templates. They managed, in spite of prohibitions, to create a unique collection. At the same time everywhere open Atelier where clothes were made to order taking into account individual characteristics, tastes and demands of the client.

His contribution to the Soviet fashion made movie. Women in imitation of the heroines of the movies began to make a permanent wave, painting her lips bright lipstick, subtly plucked eyebrows. Chic was considered a silk dress in the «pea» with a lace collar.

After the death of Vasily Stalin, the main task of the designers was the creation of beautiful clothes. The opening of the VI world festival of youth and students in Moscow, is fundamentally changing the Outlook of the younger generation. Fashion is characterized by the appearance of young «hipsters«, as bright, colourful, bright clothes, and girls – «the girls», that they prefer bright makeup and fluffiness of the skirt. Despite the widespread condemnation of this style of dress and behavior, he has also contributed to the history of fashion.

After an exit on the wide screen of film Director E. Ryazanov «the Girl without the address» becomes fashionable dress with a skirt «sun – flared«. It was the subject of a cherished dream of many Soviet women: not all were able to stitch the outfit, only the skirt needed 5 metres of fabric!

This period is characterized by the appearance of «black marketeers», the fashion for many years is firmly clothes of denim.

Sixties highlights the withdrawal of Soviet fashion abroad. A huge success on the European fashion show was won by the collection of Russian boots, designed by fashion designer Vera Aralova, included with them was a squirrel coat. Created really fashionable masterpieces for decoration used «folk style». Legislators Soviet fashion, it was clear that when showing abroad of their collections, «a purely European perspective», success never will. Specifically used this style of fashion, which was exotic in foreign circles, and has always been a huge ovation!

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