Canon PowerShot S200. Camera, justifying the hopes

Canon PowerShot S200. Camera, justifying the hopes

The fall in the market photostroll got a new one from Canon. This miniature camera was called Canon PowerShot S200, and it is with dignity continued the work of his eminent manufacturer in the field of digital cameras. Take a closer look at this attractive apparatus.

This digital camera comes in a small box, which in addition to very compact devices, you can find the battery unit for charging the battery, hand strap and user manual for the device. Modest equipment, nothing more. Canon recently put USB cable and a CD with proprietary software, believing that those who should will be able to purchase/install separately. Design digital cameras typical of Canon cameras and no surprise. Everything is strictly and elegantly. On the black case striking white manufacturer’s logo in the upper left corner of the front panel.

The lens of the camera is additionally fitted with a textured ring to zoom. The top of the camera is the zoom ring, which is combined with the shutter button, and there is a button on/off switch and shooting modes. On the left of the border hidden in a special compartment built-in flash. At sides you can find the lever flash trigger and a few connectors miniHDMI and AV/Out. At the bottom of the device there is a place for the battery and a slot for a memory card. It also features a threaded socket for a tripod. The back panel stands a large three-inch LCD display and buttons. Next to the display is the projection for a more comfortable grip. The weight of the fully loaded camera is only 181 grams, almost like a modern smartphone. Digicam can be carried in the pocket, the device does not cause discomfort.

Menu firmware is very simple and clear. You can choose from eight shooting modes. In manual mode, shooting the zoom ring on the lens is responsible for the diaphragm. In the modes there is an interesting «scene», that gives us 8 scenes for different situations. Also in the settings you can find additional effects.

Matrix Canon PowerShot S200 uses the type CCD with a resolution of 10.1 megapixels. For image processing meets the DIGIC 5. There is a five-fold optical zoom, which is enough for everyday shots. Shots turn out great. It is necessary to praise the automatic mode which picks up good stories. Pictures pleased with detail and saturated color. However, in low light, in the dark Canon PowerShot S200 makes the photos a bit «noisy» and blurry. But such problems are common to all compact digital cameras, so don’t consider it a drawback of this model. Zoom is good, but slow. When recording a video, the approach is going very smoothly.

Impressions of the Canon PowerShot S200 we have established positive. Camera will delight its users a compact and ergonomic body, good functions and great pictures. This is one of the best compacts, which we held in our hands. If you know what to expect from this camera and are aware of the limits of its capabilities, the S200 won’t let you down. The device is very reliable. Canon evaluates each of its user and protects its reputation, years of successful work in the market of cameras of different classes.

According to the site with the prices for cameras Canon spb.sravni/canon/catv134c439t16849.html

Sample video filmed with a Canon PowerShot S200

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