Camera: it is not necessary to overpay

Camera: it is not necessary to overpay

If we look at the modern photography market, how many products there are and how often new items come out, you will notice that, as a rule, the inhabitant , the camera changes about once a year. This allows you to always have at its disposal high-quality machine that makes great shots and not to lose face in front of friends. The new generation generally has new features, settings, and other features, whereby it is possible to do better photos. Sometimes it’s just cosmetic improvements, because the old model was boring and tired. Anyway, people often spend significant resources on new product, is upset with her. Often the ability of new cameras are revalued, while the old is too early to write off. But those who do not want to spend money in vain, should not do so. If you carefully study the market, most likely, will be able to buy a good machine by investing a minimum of Finance.

New arrival! Already, who doesn’t? With nothing to compare the pleasant feeling that occurs when holding something that the manufacturer touted as a bomb, a real breakthrough in its field. A number of techniques allow companies working in this field, to stimulate demand by a potential client. For example, often you can see a list of updates to models, and how long is it that you just read will get tired. However, in fact the improvement is minimal, there were practically no changes – but technically they do exist, then you can promote the product. The usability does not change, as the quality of the image – but it turns out to boost sales. The speed of the picture grows on frame two in the second, crop factor varies slightly, the camera learns to recognize smiles, reduces noise in certain modes, at least a little, receives the signals of the navigation – all these changes sometimes, an ordinary user generally remain invisible. Incidentally, decades ago, and more were created in the field of photography masterpieces and the imperfection of technology did not stop the talented people. So, is it worth it to throw all new immediately?

When it comes to cameras old generation is, of course, does not mean the soap, who for a pittance bought that way 5-10 years ago. There are no arguments that would somehow tend user to acquire – and to buy them is difficult, unless with it. But the premium models released a few years ago, SLR cameras, which was at its peak at the time – they just deserve attention Thrifty buyer. Manufacturers, according to tradition, the new generation of devices together to reduce the prices of what it used to be better – it allows you to get rid of the remnants. In that case, when the shelves were interested in the unit anymore, you can try to buy it second-hand, however, we have to be very careful.

From the point of view of saving benefit often reaches 50% in comparison with the news if it was decided to buy the last model. And if the photographer is a large part of their staff takes off in automatic mode here and you can not think and feel free to take something easier, not from the top. There is no need to overpay for many functions that in fact are unnecessary. Professionals, semi-professionals, as practice shows, prefer to buy equipment that was already in use, and therefore proven experience of colleagues, willing to invest in the newest units. By the way, many professionals are accustomed to his apparatus, his years do not change or think something is missing from it.

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