Calculator calculate the value of suspended ceilings: how much will your ceiling?

Calculator calculate the value of suspended ceilings: how much will your ceiling?

Price calculator stretch ceiling is quite simple and straightforward calculation programthat allows to determine the estimated cost of installation of such a ceiling. For use in this program, you must enter some initial data. So before you take a calculator calculate the cost of stretch ceilings, you should know what is the price of these ceilings. What is the price of a stretch ceiling

First, ceiling the cost depends on the size of the room where it needs to be installed. For example, a large living room will require for the installation of a lot of material, which will significantly increase the price (if, for example, compared with the installation of the ceiling in the small bedroom). Significantly affects the cost of type leaf: film, fabric, cloth with photo printing, acoustic material, etc. Even if the same size of the premises the cost ceiling of various materials differs considerably.

But not only the fabric affects the price – don’t forget about the profile for which the ceiling is fixed. It is now equally widely used both aluminium and plastic profiles. The former are more durable and reliable, but the second a bit cheaper. Often the advantages of aluminum profiles, write some more, and resistance to corrosion, but it is not an advantage amid mounting profiles plastic: plastic also does not rust. This may also include the method of attachment of the blade to profile: the distinguished harpoon, folding and stajkovic methods.

Finally, plays the role of the shape of the room. Design of rectangular shape to install the easiest way – I agree with that anyone, even unfamiliar with the principles of the device of ceilings. If you need to round the corners of the room, to adapt to the curved structure of the ceiling, then to pay for the installation of a lot more. It is worth to mention also the connection of lighting devices (chandeliers, lamps etc.) and decorative elements. They are, though slightly, but will increase the final price tag for installation.

How to use a calculator suspended ceilings

After exploring the main factors forming the price, you have to take and for a the calculator calculate the cost of stretch ceilings. Do not be afraid of many parameters and variables that need to enter to use it – in fact, everything is pretty simple. To begin, select the material from which you want to make a suspended ceiling. Then you need to specify the area, where you will be conducting installation. Unfortunately, the calculation using an online calculator is possible only for rectangular rooms. If you want to install the painting in a room with complex geometry have to understand the company-installer.

Then you must specify the number of chandeliers and lamps that you would like to see in a new ceiling, as well as the presence/absence of printing. Finally, additional options: decorative inlays, ceiling moldings, cornices, and the necessity of passing angles (if more than four in a room) and pipes (e.g. radiators).

If at some stage of the calculation you have any difficulties, please contact consultants of the company where you plan to order a ceiling. They will help you to count the cost and answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask in detail about them all incomprehensible aspects. Because a consultant’s job is to pick the best option for you of the stretch ceiling.

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