Cafe Del Mar music Ibiza


I represent to Your attention nice music combines Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout, Lounge – Cafe del mar ! Good band, with quiet a bit of tempo music.


La Caina – Cafe del Mar – Le Vent m’a dit (Live in Ibiza)

The vocals sound – charms! I have the discography of this team and when they are on the wave of this direction of music, happy to listen !

Cafe del Mar – Paradise !

Here I have collected the history of this group,videos,and even have one video with live performance.Listen,learn and read dear readers!

Cafe Del Mar Wonderland !


June 20, 1980, in the town of San Antonio de Portmany, located on the island of Ibiza, were open café.


Cafe del mar – Benjamin Diamond The Rain


Cafe on the seafront called Cafe Del Mar.


Cafe Del MAr – Dreams 3 – 09 – Rue du soleil – Manush


Famous Catalan architect, Lluis Lac, Guell, created unimaginable decoration and architecture of this place.


The messenger – Cafe del Mar Vol 6 Chillout song !


Very quickly the cafe became popular in the circles of intellectuals, writers, artists and other cultural representatives.


Cafe del Mar – Mandalay (Beautiful)with vocals!


The cause was a specific cult of the sun, undoubtedly one of the most strange and incredible events on the planet, accompanied by music.


Dream On – Cafe del Mar


Music, is different from the one we used to hear in the Nightclubs in Ibiza. What kind of music and phenomena of the West gave the fame and glory of this magical place,


Cafe Del Mar. Ave maria – cafe del mar – the best of aria with vocals!


In the early eighties sold a cassette tape. In 1994, the English record company ‘React’, produced its first CD «Cafe Del Mar» which included the work of composers Underworld,


Cafe del Mar Vol. XVI: «Gypsy Love Mix by Ivan Tucakov & Tambura Rasa


A Man Called Adam, Stelle, Tabula Rasa and others. The success of the release was pushed to release in the summer of 1995 and 1996 «café Del Mar – Volune Dos» and «Cafe Del Mar – Volumen Tres».


Cafe del Mar The best of (Jose Padilla – Adios ayer)


The success of the second and third parts are allowed to give «Cafe Del Mar – Volumen Cuarto» (1997) and «Cafe Del Mar – Volumen Cinco» (1998) label Polygram UK (Universal Music).


Cafe Del Mar — Chrome Vs. Reyne singing!


In the summer of 1998 took place the solemn opening of the first store «Cafe Del Mar», which sells t-shirts, Polo shirts, knit shirts and other clothing with the logo of Cafe Del Mar.


Cafe del Mar – Beautiful Stange


In 1998, in San Antonio de Portmany, was put on feet own record company café Del Mar Music registered for further use of the brand «Cafe Del Mar». In the spring of 1999 from the Studio was released first CD – «Cafe Del Mar – Aria».


Cafe del Mar


Cafe Del Mar Music entered into an agreement with Universal Music about using the name «Cafe Del Mar» worldwide, except in Spain, solely for their releases: «Cafe del Mar – Volume Seis» (1999) «Cafe del Mar – Volume Siete» (2000) «Cafe del Mar – Volume Ocho» (2001) «Cafe del Mar – The Best Of» (2003)


Chill Out – Cafe del Mar Vol.7


In autumn 1999, Bruno Lepretre selected, compiled and mixed «Cafe Del Mar – Chill House», a double CD, shows the nighttime atmosphere of Ibiza. After the incredible success of «Cafe Del Mar – Aria», in December 1999, Paul Schwartz has collected and compiled the second part – «Cafe del Mar – Aria 2 New Horizon».


Cafe Del Mar Compilation with vocals!


For introducing music Cafe Del Mar present generation, in the spring of 2000 they assembled a new album «Cafe Del Mar – Dreams,» which has collected the best works from the first three parts of Cafe Del Mar. In June 2000, the company Ibiza Music & Clothes came from, distribute CDs and clothing Cafe Del Mar worldwide.


Cafe Del Mar – I hope the yesterday


With the new Millennium, in July 2000 café Del Mar celebrated its twentieth anniversary, with a spectacular view of the coast of Ibiza. The event was attended by over five thousand people. Some songs such as «Afterlife», «A Man Call Adam», «Mandalay», «Instrumental Classic», was recorded live. This colourful event was broadcast on the 4th channel.


Cafe Del Mar – Lux (Northern Lights)


In August 2000, was released on the compilation «Cafe Del Mar – 20th Anniversary», an anniversary double CD. On the first disk, compiled by a resident of Bruno, contains songs written in the new Millennium.


Cafe del Mar – Morning Mood . Relax Music


On the second, compiled Ramon Guiral, selected the best works for 20 years, Cafe Del Mar, reflect the atmosphere of the event. The disc also includes a multimedia track, with the best photo of the event, photographed by Cafe Del Mar.


Cafe del Mar


At the end of the year, Cafe Del Mar started work on the design of your website cafedelmarmusic, which was placed on the network in early 2001, has been translated into two languages from Spanish to English and German. Last year the website was visited by about 45 million visitors.


Cafe Del Mar Dreams 2 – Forty Two


In March 2001, was mixed and published the second part of “Cafe Del Mar – Chill House Mix 2 “, which reflects the atmosphere of the best deep house night in Ibiza.

Cafe del Mar – Dreams volume 4


In the summer of 2001 was issued on the compilation «Cafe Del Mar – Dreams 2». Bruno continued its innovative line, in compiling the second part of the new musical talents of different countries.


Cafe Del Mar – Que bonito


In 2001 was founded the publishing house Cafe Del Sol belonging to the company Ibiza Music & Clothes and administered worldwide by the company Music & Sales.


Cafe Del Mar – Pat Metheny (Sueno con Mexico)


«Cafe Del Mar – Volumen Nueve» (May 2002) became the first album in the famous series issued by Cafe Del Mar Music. The compilation belonged to Bruno.


Cafe Del Mar Indngena


In June 2002, was released the first album tape Classic «Cafe Del Mar – Classic». The album was assembled from world-famous classical compositions processed under the style of Cafe Del Mar.


Cafe Del Mar I Believe


It was the first compilation from the hands of Javier Losada, which was played by the Prague Philharmonic orchestra.


Cafe Del Mar Otis


For the production of discs Cafe Del Mar with all editions of it came from the government of Spain. Music was provided all the Chairpersons of the governments, delegations, visitors and the media.



Cafe Las Brisas Del Mar


At the end of 2002 it was published «Cafe Del Mar – Chill House Mix 3». Bruno compiled, the collection has continued with a range of Chill House.

Cafe Del Mar — CarmA !


Cafe Del Mar signed an agreement with Radio Club 25 on the provision of air time on a weekly radio show every Saturday from midnight to 2 am. In the program discussed the philosophy and music of Cafe Del Mar. 2002 Cafe del Mar, we walked through the countless number of cities around the world, here are some of them: • San Francisco (USA) • Belgrado (Serbia) • Bruselas (Belgica) • Dubai (Union de Emiratos Arabes) • El Cairo (Egipto) • Cannes (Francia) • Moscu (Rusia) • Atenas (Grecia) • Roma (Italia) • Riccione (Italia) • Porto Recanati (Italia) • Bisceglie (Italia) • Lecce (Italia) • Porto Empedocle (Italia) • Palermo (Italy) • Santander (españa) • Almeria (Espana) • Kuala Lumpur (Malasia) • Bialobrzegi (Polonia) • Argentina • Uruguay In January 2003 was released the first album from the line DAB(Digital Analogic Band) – «The Best». The DAB is composed of Pedro Andreu and Luis Sancho. The album retained the essence of music Cafe Del Mar. In the summer of 2003, continuing the famous series, he released the album «Cafe del Mar – Volume Diez».


Cafe del Mar-M-Seven-Invisible


This year’s Cafe Del Mar celebrated its anniversary, and for this reason was released on two discs the album «Cafe del Mar Best Of…» compiled Jose Padilla. That summer opened a second store Cafe Del Mar Antonio de Portmany (Ibiza). In November was released the third album of a series of dreams – «Cafe Del Mar – Dreams 3». The album became mandatory for the collection of every fan of the Cafe Del Mar.


«Cafe del Mar»: El Comienzo (Manush by Rue du Soleil)


The second part of «Cafe Del Mar – Classic 2» appeared in stores in March 2004. In the tradition of its predecessor, compile took harmony with the celebrations of Mozart, Pachelbel, are available here spirituality and the inner world of Beethoven. The compilation was assembled by Javier Losada and played by the Prague Orchestra Filarmonicheskiy.

Cafe del Mar Sunset Video


Cafe Del Mar signed an agreement with Gum on FM radio, which airs daily from 7 to 9 am for eight stations. In the transmission of ideas discussed and the philosophy Cafe Del Mar under background music. «Cafe Del Mar – Volumen Once», was released in July, recaptured the charm of evenings, Cafe Del Mar, album appeared the jewel in the crown of Cafe Del Mar. This part successfully repelled the idea café.

Cafe del Mar: El Atardecer


At this time, Cafe Del Mar, opens a new a few shops and bars: • 22 May: Cafe del Mar Empuriabrava (Girona) Empuriabrava Playa de • 24th June: café del Mar Altea (Alicante) Playa del Albir • 6 Aug: Cafe del Mar Lanzarote (Islas Canarias) Puerto Deportivo Marina Rubicon – Playa Blanca


Cafe del Mar Classic: Gymnopedie by Erik Satie cartoon


On August 20, Cafe Del Mar is 25 years old. In honor of the anniversary celebrations were: La Caina, DAB, Paco Fernandez and Tom Oliver. Their tracks were on the CD «Cafe Del Mar – 25th Anniversary». The event was attended by over 2,000 people…


Cafe Del Mar – Agron-Love My Soul (ZzZ)


At the end of 2004 Cafe Del Mar and Europe FM conclude an agreement for the transfer on Fridays and Saturdays. The program was from December 2004 to December 2006. Next year produced two series of new products: phones and cosmetics.


«Cafe del Mar» Tom Oliver Free Your Mind


In March 2005 Cafe Del Mar released the album «Aria 3 – New Horizon» and, in may, «Cafe Del Mar – Volumen Doce».


«Cafe del Mar» Azioni Musicali – Volviendo Al Sur


In late 2005 collectors Cafe Del Mar can hear two new issues: «DAB (The Best 2) and Rue du Soleil (Essential Feelings)».


«Cafe del Mar» Alessandro Boschi – Ojo De Veja


Rue du Soleil consisted of 4 persons. It was not a label, rather friendly staff. Decided in 1999 to combine all their equipment and build a Studio.


Angel – Cafe del Mar with vocals!


By this time they spent all their time searching for new sounds and ideas. In continuation of the line, Chill House, at the end of 2005 was published the fourth part – «Cafe Del Mar – Chill House Mix 4». Compilation, according to tradition, Bruno.


Buddha Bar ~ Cafe Del Mar @ Paco de Lucia – Entre Dos Aguas


In March 2006 released a new album Cafe Del Mar with the author of the songs – La Caina, «Cafe Del Mar – La Caina»


Cafe Del Mar by Rue Du Soleil Emotions


In the summer of 2006 Cafe Del Mar creates two new brand: Cafe del Mar Tarifa and Cafe del Mar Singapore.


Cafe Del Mar Aim – Cold Water Music


Cafe Del Mar vol.16 & Azzuri «Esen» = Chris,NAT&ROS / «Terrace»- Toni Simonen

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