Buy a new apartment in Volgograd — really!

Buy a new apartment in Volgograd - really 5

Today every sane person dreams of their own homes. And this is not surprising because the Soviet «Khrushchev» are long gone, and if somewhere else, and people live in these «masterpieces», they are every year becoming less and less.

My husband and I also have the sad experience of stay in these so-called apartments. Moreover, my husband had to live in a communal apartment with kitchen and bathroom for family of four. So when we got married we immediately gave each other a pledge that our children will not grow in these harsh conditions. Therefore, immediately after the wedding has set a goal to buy an apartment in Volgograd only in the new building. Thanks to him and my parents for their understanding, they began to dissuade us, citing the hackneyed arguments of type on the secondary market for the same money to buy an apartment with lots of rooms (read – «cage homes»), «Khrushchev» and «Stalinka» you can immediately move in and not wait for the end of construction. And most importantly – in the building just need to do the repair.


Our parents have not only supported us morally and financially. Contrary to the fears (and they still were), we were able almost immediately to buy an apartment in Volgograd in new building on Grand Avenue. We still can’t believe their luck. The first shows us the apartment was a pleasant surprise, and when we imagine how it will look after the repair, our doubt came to an end. We wanted to buy an apartment in Volgograd for two or even three rooms, but the money we still had for one-bedroom apartments. But, as rightly noted by a representative of the company, the family is young, and still to come.

I want to share impressions about your new nest. By the way, you can see here. It is, in fact, a wonderful apartment is the dream. It is one, but huge room, bright spacious kitchen, which could be used as a living room. The main thing that prompted us to buy an apartment in Volgograd it is in this complex, is the lack of capital walls, then you may want to change it. The truth is now planning more than satisfied.

In conclusion, we can say that the whole buying process was very fast, because we didn’t need to check the legal history, before to buy an apartment in Volgograd, in this wonderful building. Moreover, since we paid for it at the stage of construction, saving a lot of funds, which are now let to construction. Sorry we didn’t come here when just lay the Foundation, at this point, the cost per square meter was ridiculous. Although we believe that we are still very lucky.

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