Burgas is one of Bulgaria’s best Spa

Burgas is one of Bulgaria's best Spa

Burgas is one of Bulgaria’s best Spa and the largest seaport of the country. Located close to the picturesque Bourgas Bay on the Black sea coast, this city has long attracted travelers. Favorable climate, rich flora and friendly locals made the Burgas a favorite destination of modern tourists.

Burgas is one of Bulgaria’s best Spa

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Burgas is located 280 km from Sofia, 267 km from Plovdiv and 133 km from Varna.

Historians say that the city is over 2 thousand years and it was founded by the ancient Romans, naming the village of Kulata. Although traces of the first people who lived in this area dated to 1500 BC. e ..

One of the most famous attractions is the Marine Park where there are monuments to famous personalities and contemporary sculptural works. Its territory stretches along the coast for 7 km. the Park has many sculptures and monuments to famous people of Bulgaria. In the Park is a summer theatre, where are held various festivals of interesting productions. It seats about 2,500 people.

The Bay of Burgas famous for its beautiful Golden sand, smooth sea bottom, calm and clean sea. The beach strip in some places reaches 100 meters wide. Most tourists prefer to fly to Bourgas, arriving at the airport, which is located in Sarafovo, a half hour drive from the city centre. To reach Burgas you can also go by train, bus or car.

For everyone who loves sports and beach volleyball, extreme water sports and tennis courts, Beach Park, Burgas offers high level of service and various opportunities for active recreation.

The history of the city you can explore in the city Museum. Its striking features: a collection of old photos of the city and the archaeological Department, where collected rich collection of glassware, jewelry, weapons of antiquity.

In Natural science the Museum presents exhibits of the flora and fauna of the city. Ethnographic Museum and an interesting collection of old masks, traditional costumes, household items. The Museum has a video room where you can watch a few movies on the history of the city.

Unconventional in its architecture the Church. Cyril and Methodius. The altar of wood and interesting paintings are perfectly combined. Vicinity of the healing springs was built the Waters of bath, they have been known since ancient times. No less famous and Burgas drama theatre. After all, he was one of the originators of theatre of the country.

In the vicinity of Bourgas in Bulgaria there are many natural complexes and sites which are popular among the tourists. 15 km to the North of the city, tourists can have a rest and restore health on many Spa resorts. To the South of Bourgas is the Otmanli Park and close to the city — a lot of lakes with salt and fresh water. In the mud and Spa centers are used for therapeutic purposes sediments of salt lakes.

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