Building a 3D printer: the house of your dreams for the day

Building a 3D printer: the house of your dreams for the day

The innovative technology, the epitome of which was building a 3D printer called Apis Cor, became the most discussed idea of the project «Startup Tour 2016», which was held this year in Irkutsk. The author of the idea – a young Irkutsk engineer and businessman Nikita Chan-Yun-tai offers mobile and economical development for the erection of buildings for any purpose, any height and any size.

3D construction technology of the near future

The idea is based on a rotating platform that is controlled by a telescopic crane, able to build walls of any geometry and height. The principle of creation: a 3D printer Apis Cor is placed inside the construction site and builds it as if inside out, from the inside. This is simple to genius idea strikes the imagination of the modern consumer, who is accustomed to traditional construction technologies.

In contrast to the already familiar to many models of three-dimensional printers, is not applicable plastic for 3d printer. This model has an innovative composition of mixes of hybrid fibers and concrete, which allows to make the thickness of each layer is a record low – only 1 inch! This fact helps to save significantly on the construction of the frame and further processing. If to compare with the cascade construction, the savings can be up to 70%.

It should also be said about the overall economic feasibility of this technology. This installation is relatively small. Height – about one and a half meters, width – about five and a half. Which saves on shipping and installation. By the way, Assembly of the printer takes only half an hour.

The model has a low power (8 kW) and leaves no debris.

It should also be said that the technology of three-dimensional printing houses has no restrictions on the geometry of the walls and is able to print the walls of any slope, and curved walls, and is able to bring the brightest design ideas.

A short time printing houses – the highlight of the construction of the printer

A separate discussion deserve the time of erection of such buildings. Potentially the building the printer is able to print about 100 square meters per day. This means that a day is quite possible to print a house! While it’s hard to imagine, but it is indeed possible. The inventor suggests that in the case of commercial success of the project fifty similar 3D printers will be enough to solve the housing problem of the Russian city with the average population.

This technology is not only ultrafast, but also very affordable: the manufacturer plans to keep prices in the range of ten to fifteen thousand rubles per square meter.

At the moment, young startups are actively looking for investments in the future of this idea. In case of successful funding, the project is likely by the end of 2016 to produce the first models in commercial production.

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