Brick wall design: how to make the clutch yourself?

Brick wall design: how to make the clutch yourself?

For contemporary designer brick wall is not only a field for the application of his imagination and skills, but also a full-fledged element of decor of the room. Brick walls are appropriate in almost any interior and style, it is possible to decorate the kitchen, living room and even bedroom. In the currently fashionable apartments, loft-style usually found in the real old masonry made of unplastered bricks, but to decorate their premises and can in the usual panel high-rise building.

Brickwork in the interior

Experiments with the interior of the living room can be quite varied. For supporters of minimalism, the combination of exposed walls made of red brick and strict furniture without unnecessary decoration will look perfect, and fans of ethnic areas could complement its stylish knick-knacks, handmade, curtains of beads, decorative vases appropriate design. In a classic combination of exquisite household items from the masonry, though discernible through the removed plaster, will look very harmonious. But you can apply a stylized brick fireplace in just the area, emphasizing its other finish of the other walls. For a Mediterranean style suit restucturing wall, slightly carelessly bleached or covered with bright latex paint, though faded shades.

In the kitchen interior, you can combine the country style and natural shades of terracotta bricks, or a Scandinavian kitchen with a whitewashed wall. Style loft in the combined areas of the walls will be essential when zoning. It can be used for low walls, and as the basis for the bar or table, and decorating section of the wall that you want to select.

Relevant detail and in a sleeping room. To create a country, Mediterranean or Nordic style is better to choose light colors covers the brick paint or whitewash, and brutal or ethnic interior best decorate stone natural shade, with a casual jointing seam contrasting putty.

For hallway or bathroom is perfect brick red in combination with vinyl Wallpaper or tiles, plastic siding and other easily washable materials. In a humid environment the surface of the masonry to better protect clear lacquer.

Old buildings, preserved in some places still is a godsend for lovers of design in this style. All the work is reduced to cleaning of masonry. and plaster, and the thorough cleaning of brick dust. Everyone else will have to decorate a ordinary wall with decorative tiles, vinyl or mural with the corresponding pattern. The most brave can put a brick wall by yourself.

How to perform the laying of their hands?

When the Amateur designer is not satisfied with the image of a brick wall of any kind, and I want something real, he has 3 choices:

  • to spread the wall of natural construction or brick facing – this will slightly reduce the floor area and will create additional load on the ceiling, so it is best to use this method for private homes or studios, loft-style;
  • to simulate masonry, pasting decorative tile on the existing surface – a simple job, similar to the veneer tile, but its obvious disadvantage in the high cost of this treatment;
  • to create a simulation of a conventional plaster mix is a very cheap finish, does not occupy the area in the residents of the building and time from the master.

To create a simulation of plaster need to paint the mortar in the appropriate color, adding pigments to plaster, acquired together with the dry mixture in a hardware store. The job will require:

  • primer;
  • the dry mix;
  • brush, roller, spatula, trowel;
  • stick about 0.5 cm thick for the patterning;
  • rag.

Designed to handle the surface must be free from materials and primed. Wet priming mixture for plastering. To hydrate the dry mixture to have the consistency of thick creamy dough in small batches (1-1. 5 hours). When applying a mixture of sketching with a trowel or spatula on the wall, not lining the surface very carefully: the brick is always somewhat rough. It is best to do the work small areas.

On ashwathama the solution is applied with a wand series of parallel horizontal lines, connecting them to the vertical so as to mimic the ligation of the brick rows of the brickwork. Continue to the next area, keeping the size of the «bricks.» After shvatyvanija a solution to treat the wall surface with emery cloth, smoothing out too sharp edges and irregularities. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust. To make naturalism false wall some «bricks» a little dyeing liquid diluted with plaster in lighter and darker shades by adding white pigment or a mixture.

In order to accomplish the laying of this brick for the walls or the base of the table, you need building stone or countertop and dry masonry mix. On the floor in the marked place to put a layer of the solution prepared according to the instructions, and on him lay the first row of bricks. Each element must firmly down, moving it horizontally in different directions with a small amplitude. After that, the brick to put some more solution and repeat the steps with the stone. To place the elements of each row so that they were offset halfway relative to the previous one. Erected a wall of sufficient height to hold your finger on the joints, removing the excess solution, and overwriting blank space.

In just a few hours you can change the design of any room in the apartment. Brick wall as an element of decor to create requires only readily available materials and the imagination of the designer. Impressive and stylish interior can be created with skillful hands and a small amount of plaster and brick.

The material was prepared with the participation of the site ostroymaterialah

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