Brands of stretch ceilings in the modern market

Brands of stretch ceilings in the modern market

The repair of the ceiling is the final stage of renovations in residential or commercial premises. Today, there are many construction solutions that make it aesthetically pleasing, reliable and high quality. One of the most simple and accessible in this case is the installation of stretch ceilings. Owing to the excellent performance of operation, it has many advantages compared to other types of finishes. Given the relevance of such building solutions for the domestic market presents a large number of models manufactured by different brands.

The main producers of stretch ceilings

A person who never dealt with the issue of the selection and installation of stretch ceilings, there is often a lot of difficulties. First of all, this is due to the large number of collections produced by various manufacturers and available for purchase. By the choice of the ceiling should be approached responsibly. In this case, the experts recommend to purchase products from reputable manufacturers. Well established famous brands such as Clipso, Descor, Pongs and Polyplast. The purchase of the products manufactured by these companies that allows you to be sure that the installed material will be:

  • wear-resistant;
  • durable;
  • reliable.

Tell me more about each of the common brands of suspended ceilings.

Features of stretch ceilings Clipso

Stretch ceilings Clipso is one of the most practical and durable of design options ceilings. The uniqueness of this material is that it does not emit any fumes. As a result, the demand for the purchase of the Clipso products is very large. Width of this species ranges from 2.1 to 5.1 meters, that allows to avoid the presence of seams during installation. In addition, the joints on the surface are almost invisible.

The image printed on the seamless material is also characterized by the clarity and evenness. Primarily, this is due to the interlacing of the fibers. Drawing on the Clipso covering different durability. An interesting feature, which are characterized by ceilings the Clip, is that the coating can be matte only. Due to the variety of choice of colors, as well as the possibility of their combination with various lighting options, provides the ability to set a matte finish to any interior.

Choosing Clipso, you can get the following benefits:

  • aesthetics;
  • fire safety;
  • high degree of durability;
  • improved sound and thermal insulation characteristics.

What features has the Descor stretch ceiling

Big enough also a common ceilings Deskor (Descor), which are produced in Germany. It is worth noting that the brand is brother, products from Clipso. The purchase price is much lower. Among the main advantages of such products release their small mass and structural strength. Despite the fact that the composition of the material includes chemical components, their harmfulness does not exceed the required number.

Feature ceilings Descor is that they can be installed without performing work on the heating of the room. In addition, from the masters require any complex processing. Installation of the materials from Descor can be implemented in a poorly heated and cold rooms. Maximum roll width is around 5 meters. Today, Descor stretch ceiling, which you can buy at the best price is an actual benefit of choice as it combines such qualitative characteristics as:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • easy installation;
  • resistance to damage;
  • long term of operation.

Pongs stretch ceiling – features and benefits

Company that produces stretch ceilings PONGS began its work about a hundred years ago. Today, the manufacturer is one of the largest suppliers of ceiling coverings in Europe. The popularity of the products, primarily due to the fact that the production used modern German equipment, which provides the possibility of producing high-quality materials for residential and commercial spaces.

Ceilings PONGS Germany, best suited for small in its space, the width of which is about three meters. If you install a suspended ceiling Pongs, the price of which is acceptable in the premises of greater width, the ceiling will be located in the weld. Note that with proper installation, the seam is almost not visible.

Manufacturer Polyplast: ceilings high quality

A few years ago, the domestic market began to appear products that are manufactured by the Belgian company Polyplast. It is worth saying that the manufacturer is producing quality coatings that compete with products of European companies. Polyplast produces materials seamless type, which can be installed in minimum time. The width of the coating is 3.2 or 5 meters. Buyers are available various colors options.

Among the advantages of Polyplast products that provide:

low cost purchase;

  1. the possibility of installation in a short time;
  2. the big range.

All of the above brands rightfully deserve attention, if the repair is in the room. To say, whose products are the best difficult as all of these coatings are numerous benefits and features. Make a choice in favor of materials of a particular brand should be based on the requirements that apply to the material. Note that when difficulties arise in the selection, it is recommended to seek the assistance of qualified specialists of the company coplast/

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