Branding — working for the future

Branding - working for the future

Image advertising is advertising whose aim is only to attract the attention of the consumer. It is not such a problem as increase in sales. It is capable of increasing competitiveness, but only after the formation of a certain consciousness of the people. People, over time, begin to ponder what is better. Overall, it’s a long process to achieve success. Because to create the image difficult (the one that will work). The image forms a reputation. But to destroy all in a moment.

The essence of branding

Advertiser «creates the «face» of the firm. What does this firm, overshadowed. No matter what they produce or just sell. What matters is how they look in the eyes of the consumer. This is the whole point of this advertising. People trust well-known manufacturers more than a friend, which will give. The quality of the products and services in this case does not play a big role.

The image is acquired over time and is Omni-directional. Perspective is what gives the image. It gives the option of adjusting to changes in the market of goods and services.

Implementation of image advertising

First, the potential buyer should be aware of the existence of the company, he should «know in person».

Secondly, we need a time-consuming work to create the image of the company. Method will be formed gradually, overlap layer by layer. He will continue to improve. And thirdly, you need a way to communicate to the consumer information, which will be the image. The most common and effective ones:

  1. television commercials;
  2. advertising in well-known publications of Newspapers and magazines;
  3. outer (installation of outdoor advertising, billboards, posters) advertising.

Who applies the branding?

It is not easy to obtain the trust of the recently formed Bank or investment Fund, but that is so they begin their development. In this case, the placement of interior advertising in public places (shopping malls, stations, cinemas, etc) are able to form a certain image in the minds of consumers. But not everyone can afford such promotion in the Russian is, but only those who occupy a strong position in the market and has a stable income.

Image advertising is aimed at strengthening the newly created brand. And from the outset it is important to operate as close as possible to the final result. Or until a valid result is one that should be. That is «floating» around is highly undesirable.

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