Boilers heat pump: advantages and disadvantages


As a source of heat and hot water for private homes can be used not only traditional boilers, but a new device called a heat pump. What is it?

How does heat pump

We can say that this unit, which combines a heating boiler and a boiler, there is a «refrigerator Vice versa». If in the conventional refrigerator, the refrigerant transfers heat from the space inside of it located outside the radiator chamber, in the case of a heat pump reverses the process: he seems to be sucking heat out of the ground (which are used deep in the soil, soil probes), and gives it to the heaters inside the room.

What are the advantages of heat pumps?

The advantages of heat pumps include:

  • High efficiency, which reaches an unprecedented value when using only 1 kW of electricity the device of this type capable of producing about 5 kW of heat!
  • Environmentally friendly and economical use of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Safety. There is neither flame nor toxic fumes, no soot, there are no gas leaks.
  • High reliability and durability, which is due to the fact that the design heat pump minimum number of moving parts.
  • Comfortable use: the pump runs almost silently!
  • The ability to work in the summer as the air conditioner.

However, remember that all of the positive qualities of heat pumps appear only if the correct installation, maintenance and timely repair, and that means that all of the above work should be carried out by experienced specialists, whose services you will need to pay. While trying to save you serious trouble in the form of a giant cost of electricity and total system failure.

Where to use a heat pump?

In addition, it is necessary to consider that the application of these systems for small areas is unprofitable because it will cost more than using traditional gas boilers. However, the larger the area of the house, the less noticeable this difference. The most effective installation of the heat pump for buildings, Parking which takes more than 6 thousand cubic meters of gas a year (as you know, in this case the payment is made at a premium rate).

You cannot ignore the main disadvantage of this system is its volatility. However, with proper installation and compliance with all rules of operation heat pumps will be an effective and economical source of heat.

Uninterrupted operation of heat pump is key to your comfort, so you need to buy it from reliable vendors. On the website aik-group you will find high quality pumps for your home.

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