Body repair their own hands — how hard can it be?

Body repair their own hands - how hard can it be

Any car owner knows that most have auto body shops. Trying to save money, many drivers try to carry out body repairs, if necessary, on their own. If you pay attention to what fees for STO, this behavior is more than justified – they are really very high. In this part of the work is quite simple, to cope with it can even a person without experience.

The room and tools for body car repair

Their hands can fix any car, whether it is a car of the Russian car industry, whether it is a foreign car. In order to successfully cope with the task, you need to have a comfortable room, preferably a private garage. It is desirable that it was equipped with a viewing hole, without it is almost impossible to fix the bottom of the car. In addition, a useful machine that allows you to comfortably correct details and will speed up body repair. It also allows structured to store various tools necessary for the job. The room should be properly lit. It also makes sense to provide a bright portable lamp. The room should be high enough because otherwise it will be difficult work to repair the roof of the car. Although, it should be noted, they need not always.

The body repair without painting

There are several main reasons through which the body can receive dents and scratches, but they are really very much. The most common are

  • deg;
  • icicles;
  • grazing the door of the neighboring car in the Parking lot.

With the damage the body can encounter absolutely anyone, as would have been the orderly operation of the vehicle and no matter how professional was not a driving style, probabilities and risks is always, often, they are totally dependent on the owner. Not everyone knows about how they can be resolved on its own, because 90% of the valid problems to solve at home. We are talking about the application of technology RDR, which was first invented in Germany. The main fundamental difference is the fact that the work is not broken the paintwork. In order to remove a variety of dents, the use of find themselves levers, their length varies. They allow you to put pressure on the metal, on the inside. For this, there are technical holes. This effect gives the ability to completely remove the dent.

In the case where the inside of the damaged area to reach not possible, you can refer to suction cups. You can buy them in any specialized shop. Suction cups should be used with caution and gradually, after some time, rearranging them, almost any dent fails to align.

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