Blind area around the house of paving slabs, safely and beautifully

Blind area around the house has not only aesthetic but also practical functionality. In the selection of different materials for a country house more and more owners are staying on the pavement slab that combines not only aesthetic appearance, but also high functionality in operation.

Otmostka of the house of paving

Building your own home is nice, but a complex process that requires significant knowledge and skills. Compliance with the required construction techniques will allow in the future to avoid unnecessary repairs and maximize the life of the building. Device otmostki of tiles in Minsk or in this case, one of the key points to prevent the ingress of moisture under the Foundation.

Instead of paving slabs for blind area buildings often use concrete mix. It’s cheaper and less troublesome to manufacture the blind area. However, paving has a number of advantages, among which not last place is occupied with her attractive appearance and great durability. Also paving tiles can be easily dismantled and set up again if in the process of exploitation at home will need access to underneath it communications. With concrete pavement have to worry about much longer.

Of the downsides of pavement from pavement main is the complexity of its installation. Private construction company «North House» will help avoid this problem. The company’s specialists apply modern technologies of production of blind area, which on one hand allow the moisture to penetrate into the soil through the joints in the tile, and on the other to prevent wetting of the Foundation.

Blind area around the house: how to make a

To do this, not only the tiling, but also to hold a series of preparatory work. First, it is necessary to conduct drainage under the future deck. This is especially important under conditions typical for our area the swampy soil. It creates a device otmostki of tiles with the most careful observance of technology. It is marshy soils contribute to moisture accumulation, which leads to the destruction of the foundations after a few years. In addition, you need to prepare the base for paving – pilot controlled check valve, which prevents the ingress of precipitation into the soil, and carefully choose the tile itself.

All this can be done independently by studying relevant literature or Internet sources. However, if You do not have sufficient experience in construction works, there are reasons to turn to professionals. Only in this case it is possible the observance of all technologies to achieve the desired result. Qualified employees develop projects taking into account the characteristics of each particular object. You can get a full consultation and costing, as well as a good and reliable deck.

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