Blender — advice for buyers

Blender is an indispensable kitchen appliance, if You need something easy and quick to mix, grind, chop, whip. He is simply irreplaceable in a family where there are children, for lovers of cooking and anyone who is accustomed to value their time. To choose a blender, you must first decide to prepare food or drink it will be used.

Types of blenders

Depending on the purpose of the blender is determined by its type:

  • a stationary blender. Its base can be metal or plastic. The first is quite heavy and stable, and thus it has a longer service life. This blender is perfect for whipping liquids large volumes: cocktails, creams, egg whites, etc.
  • blender. Thanks to its compactness and lightness this blender would be excellent for small portions of food: chop boiled meat, greens, mix, puree. But vegetables for a salad like this blender will turn to mush.

The power of the blender

The feature set depends on the power of the blender can be from 300 to 1300 watts. Typically, wireless low-power models (mixing berry cocktails and chopping soft ingredients until puréed). Models that have a capacity of more than 700 watts, easily cope with solid food, and if there are appropriate nozzles and knives, it is possible to chop ice or knead the dough. When choosing a blender except for the power you need to pay attention to the capacity of the jug.

The standard volume of the jug is 1.5-2 liters of optimum capacity of 400-600 watts. When choosing the model of a blender with a large volume of the jug capacity should be appropriate. If You often cook in small portions, then it is better to use the immersion blender. You can find blender with a volume of less than 1 liter jug, which is perfect for making small portions.

Both stationary and immersion blenders have functions such as:

  • mill. If we talk about immersion blenders, the mill is a small chopper. Fixed in same models the mill is base mounted with a knife and protective cover. With the help of a good grinder to chop small portions of food (nuts, garlic, cheese).
  • Kolka ice. The function of an ice pick, in most cases, support models, which have a capacity more than 400 W and the presence of the glass carafe. This functionality is very useful if You like to prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

The main function of the immersion blender:

  • chopper. This is the bowl of a food processor, only in a reduced form, has the capacity and cover. On the bottom of the tank is fixed the vertical axis of the knife. In the cover there is a connector for connecting the handle of the blender with located in her motor and vertical rotational axis (standard nozzle in this case removed). The shredder does not turn the food in the mess, it can be used to mix batter for pancakes, prepare sauces, pates, baby food, grind a variety of products to the desired consistency.
  • whisk. For whipping the batter and cream, and also cream and eggs using a whisk.
  • the vacuum pump. Using such nozzles in special containers, a vacuum is created (any product placed in the container tightly closed with a lid, with a pump air is pumped out), so that the products retain their quality for much longer. Some containers are on the cover of the calendar, where you can make a note of the date of sealing of the product.

Guided by the above qualities, you will be able to purchase exactly the model that meets your requirements. Recommend to buy blenders in Cheaper Only for nothing. Here you will find a huge assortment of blenders at a very nice price!

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