Birthday in a romantic place — the best gift

Birthday in a romantic place - the best gift

In our life every memorable moment that we spent with a loved one, to haunt memory, and remains a warm memory on the bottom of the soul. Because love is a feeling heavenly, given to us by the gods, something extremely expensive. It is able to inspire, and to ascend to heaven. It is therefore hardly surprising that the lovers of this world tend to spend their birthday not on a noisy party, at work or with friends, namely with a loved one.

Melodious music, dissolved in wine, the sea breeze or the cosiness of the candles – in the end, the one who came up with romantic evening, was a brilliant man. A birthday is a good occasion to organize a birthday evening which will be remembered for a long time. And to make your romantic dinner an unforgettable experience, take advantage of our simple tips. Preparing for the festive dinner should be a secret from your spouse.

A pleasant surprise – the best gift. Of course, slow music, flowers of extraordinary beauty that shimmer purple in the twilight colors, candles, delicious food is an integral attributes of each of a decent dinner. However, it is necessary also to reflect on the venue. For example, it might be useful hotel, restaurant, yacht and traditionally – evening at home, even when 40 years not to mention. Arrange a romantic dinner by the sea. Tart sea air and moonlight, soft music and good wine, and most importantly – loving eyes opposite. Isn’t it happiness? You are not afraid of heights – then let’s go to the roof! Romantic dinner on the roof of high-rise buildings, what could be more original?

Rhythmic Foxtrot, a light shawl, the city lights, the ceiling, woven from the burning of beads-stars – and you are alone with your love. Love the mountains? How about a romantic dinner on the slope? The harmony of nature multiplied by the strength of your love, the mountain air and the feeling of inner freedom – this is the perspective of celebrating a birthday with a loved one in the mountains. Yes, and the chance to find Edelweiss or any other quaint mountain flower, which can only be found in love. Romance in the mountains.

Paris for two! Why not arrange a dinner in Paris, which for many centuries was a place of «pilgrimage» Valentine’s day? You do not even have to save money for a trip overseas. One has only to recreate the atmosphere. Fleur love is in the air, a melody from the film «Amelie», crispy French croissants and coffee – and Paris is at your feet. What place would you choose – a gourmet restaurant, a private beach dinner or the comfort of home by candlelight – try to prepare a «romantic territory» in advance. So you can avoid the inconveniences associated with the sudden lack of space in the restaurant, or in a store suddenly runs out of candles and napkins with hearts.

An important component of a full dinner the food is. In order to choose it properly, please note the place of dinner, your tastes, consume it. As practice shows, it is not necessary to order food, which is poorly absorbed, contain excessive amount of carbohydrates and cholesterol. The correct choice of dishes, decoration of the table will create an entourage of mystery, charm a romantic dinner. But if you want to make a nice birthday and still able to cook the holiday dinner for you! Skilled hands and the power of love – what else you need for cooking delicious meals? A romantic dinner is the perfect occasion to show your feelings your beloved, original gift for birthday and a bright record in the book of love, in which there are only two.

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