Bimetallic radiators — what is it and what are their features

Bimetallic radiators - what is it and what are their features

Recently bimetal radiators have become very popular. Try to find out their advantages.

Most dwellings should be equipped with heating devices. The radiators (or people, battery) are well established in this role. With the right calculation and mounting, they provide a given area with heat in full.

What is bimetal radiator?

In recent years, is greatly illuminates this type of heating equipment. Too much information about the advantages, material and long service life. But these enthusiastic epithets do not justify expectations.

At its core, bimetal radiator is the same steel device with application of an aluminum coating. In other words, there is no alloy of dissimilar metals with the unification of the functional features. The aluminium layer is so thin that with constant use it wears for 3-4 heating seasons. Plus the quality of steel does not always correspond to standards.

But, crucially, the right attitude to technical characteristics completely changes the situation. Such radiators are very sensitive to impurities in the coolant (water, air, oil) and do not tolerate high load (at a pressure above 6 atmospheres technical they begin to swell, or even worse, bursting at the seams). Therefore, the area of application is limited – only heating. Under this system minimized the contamination risk (closed separate cooling circuit) and the pressure here is rarely more than 3 atmospheres (bar). Unlike DH, on «avtonomku» bimetal heating appliances are 10-15 years without cleaning and maintenance.

The types, shapes and mounting options

Abstracting from the disadvantages and limitations of operation, it is necessary to recognize that such samples have a variety on the market of heating equipment. It is considered that steel radiators are made in the form of molded panels, and aluminum – on the contrary, collapsible sections. This is due to the influence of the coolant on the other metal. Accordingly, variations are possible only within the production features. Bimetallic radiators oasis produced one way, and others. Therefore, forms of these radiators on the market are present in almost everything, including design and execution. The size is also possible to find absolutely any – from 1,5*0,5*0,3 to 0,7*1,0*0,2 meters.

Naturally, and methods of installation in these samples apply. Standard hooks (the easiest option for a sectional view), telescopic rollers-«skiing» (panels), corner stands or mounting brackets. The selection may be limited only by the imagination of the owner of the premises or installer responsible for the installation.

To buy or not?

The answer to this question we must look a little deeper, and it is in contrast to other types of batteries. If you previously said about the cons, you need to list the pros.

Bimetallic radiators are lighter and cheaper than cast iron samples varied steel and low flow pipelines compared to aluminum. This means that under certain conditions they are profitable in operating and economic plans. Therefore, if applied Autonomous heating system with different pipe materials (steel/copper, passes into the plastic), then the answer is a clear Yes. In other situation it is advisable to focus on other radiators as bimetallic devices may blatantly fail.

Buy bimetallic radiators at the recommended manufacturers or their authorized dealers. For example, the official dealer of well-known Forte, the company’s “Warmth of Home“.

Summarizing all the information, it should be noted that this heating equipment has its distinctive features, which in some cases help it to gain popularity. Although often these characteristics are exaggerated in their pursuit of profit.

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