Biker jacket never goes out of fashion


Biker jacket never goes out of fashion

The modern variety of things, prints and styles are very hard work to combine them in one image. After all, have a lot of things, not meant to look beautiful and stylish, and most importantly not vulgar and not to impress the glossy images. In the wardrobe there are basic things that can dilute the bright color or print. But there are also things that need to be carefully pick up the image. One of these things is leather jackets.

The jackets appeared during the military conflict in Korea in the 50-ies, in which the active involvement of American troops, specifically the us air force. Pilots needed a coat durable and functional. And leather jacket at the waist with oblique zipper, extra long sleeves and pleats at the back, on the chest for ease of movement. After the war, American pilots returned home, and most of them bought motorcycles and bikes. Elvis Presley was the first musician who adopted the model of American bikers jacket. This fact contributed to the fact that the jacket has become a symbol not only of pilots and bikers and rock musicians. Later the jacket were decorated with spikes, studs, chevrons, and a variety of embroideries.

In women’s fashion jackets is very much changed. Colors, which had previously been limited to only black color, is now considered trendy purple, green and yellow. To replace the skin came suede, Park and denim. Girls who prefer to glamour, I prefer the application of velvet, satin or silk, making them jackets absolutely extraordinary. Such models can be found on the website fursk/katalog/zhenshchinam/dublenki/dublenki-kozhanye-kurtki. Also in Vogue cropped jackets, which covers only half of the back.

For day-to-day enough to wear with a black leather jacket white t-shirt, light blue jeans and sneakers. This is a classic method selection with jackets, and at the same time the easiest. Trendy finds a light, feminine chiffon dress paired with tough leather biker jacket. And the dress can be both short and long. It is better not to wear shoes with heels. Will look good year boots or gladiators, classic boats, too, will be a good solution.

Choosing accessories for a black leather jacket, the main thing you need to consider how it is decorated. With abundant decor on the leather jacket, it is sufficient to choose a large clock and a large leather bag to match to your jacket.

Fashion requires experimentation and innovation, so don’t get hung up on fashion trends and strictly follow the guidance of fashion designers. Choose a black leather jacket for her figure, and most importantly to keep your femininity and beauty.

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