«Big eyes» is a great movie by Tim Burton

«Big eyes» – a great movie by Tim Burton, based on real events. In addition, he talks about a rather complicated creative life of famous artist Margaret Keane, the film teaches the viewer that lies in any of its manifestations, is a great evil can cause much suffering for everyone.

The action takes place in the twentieth century, in the late fifties. Margaret, the artist and the unfortunate young mother in her marriage and is forced to flee from his home, taking with him his young daughter. At the same time, she also takes his very original portraits, which were painted at leisure. San Francisco welcomes the fugitives not too much heat, leaving them without a stable and well-paid work and forced to sell his paintings. Walter Keane, the artist-lover, interested in portraits, painted in an unusual style; he fascinates the artist, and then offers her his hand and heart. Their assets now total, Walter starts his profitable business selling pictures of his wife. And she seems to tolerate, but it doesn’t last long, resentment grows between the spouses begins to experience a conflict.

They say that almost every film shown on screen is the result of fruitful work of Directors, each contains part of the soul, each is almost a Museum exhibit. But it is, nevertheless, very hard to believe. Indeed masterpieces among the paintings that are really invested the enormous patience and diligence, incredibly rare. And, moreover, Directors often have to put in your details, once really rare.

«Big eyes» can be understood not only as a story about a female artist. It’s possible that Tim Burton wanted to tell the audience this story about his own life, a veiled story about how he left, made a right choice or not. Of course, this is only an assumption, because officially, the Director is not said about this idea, but it is the place to be, because in «Big eyes» shows a lot. This movie will always be relevant. I am sure that those who will watch movies online 2016 or later, will get the same pleasure from viewing it. just as I am.

Leading actors convey vivid artistry, sometimes even excessively bright: Amy Adams is something similar to Marilyn Monroe blonde from the sixties with difficulties in life, and Christoph waltz, despite his tendency to bend with the comic and very active facial expressions, previously successfully concentrates the audience’s attention to himself. This Duo are much more able to play a real drama than intended to get a laugh out of the scene.

The truth is, this pair is a little lost on the background of bright colors, dark twilight. It is possible that Tim Burton deliberately paid more attention to the chart, I prefer working with film accent people, which came out querulous Walter and Margaret doesn’t want to get out of their little world.and

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