Best washing machines in the middle price segment

Best washing machines in the middle price segment

Washing machine has become indispensable to any modern man. With its help, we can save a lot of time and effort. In this article we will tell you about the best washing machines in the middle price segment. It is useful for those who are going to buy a new washing machine or have decided to replace the old.

Washing machine LG F-1089ND can rightly be called the best washing program always stains. This model accommodates as much as 6 pounds of clothes, at the same time, its depth of just 44 cm. This machine gently removes the wool (Woolmark function), and baby clothes. Due to the special design of the drum and the system of intelligent washing device particularly efficiently removes stains. The advantages of this model include the low noise level, availability of timer, protection of children and additional functions. But the most significant drawback, according to user reviews, is a bustling set of water. Not bad, huh?

If you hurry, you will appreciate the washing machine Siemens WS 10G160. This is a simple and reliable machine, which we were pleased with the feature set and compact dimensions. And bustler here is an interesting option called SpeedPerfect, which speeds up any program. At the same time, have the function of refilling, if you forgot to put something in the drum. The machine is stable, vibration during operation is minimal. Siemens engineers have implemented a great function of control voltage – if the power goes out, WS 10G160 will stop the wash cycle and will continue when the electricity would again be filed. Overall, this model has many additional programs and options that considerably simplify the washing process and make it as efficient as possible. Among the shortcomings, we would note the lack of functions the waterblock and the weak latch on the hatch.

Where to buy?

Where to buy and what to choose from, such information can be found in online stores. See details in the catalog.

Zanussy and Candy

Among top-loading machines in our price segment is the best machine Zanussi ZWY 180. It is relatively inexpensive, but reliable and economical (energy class A). Despite the spin speed 800 rpm, press car. Noise as we pleased – 500 rpm washable even at night. With a clear and intuitive to understand even for an inexperienced user. Of the minuses is worth noting the lack of a timer and delay start. And while washing the machine sometimes emits a strange whistling.

You plan to install a washing machine under the sink? Then we would recommend you model Candy Aquamatic 2D1140-07. Its height is 70 inches and depth is 46 inches. Despite its small size, this machine is as much as 16 wash programs – they are suitable for almost any garment. The developers care about the health of their users – setting up Aqua performs antiallergic treatment wash out of clothes. Of the advantages of this model let us mention the presence of a display, convenient and intuitive, the function of delay start washing up to 24 hours protection of children and the many extra features and modes. The major drawbacks in Aquamatic 2D1140-07 we have not found.

Finish our today’s ranking of the best most energy efficient washing machine Electrolux EWS 1277 FDW. This is one of the most popular cars of this brand. Class of its energy efficiency – And maximum+++. The device can memorize settings of your favorite mode. This feature is called My Favourite Plus. The washer works on inverter engine, and the noise level during operation is only 50 dB. Of the advantages worth noting a good capacity and the mode of protection against children. But the disadvantages are not the most convenient timer and the lack of recovery features washing in the event of a power outage.

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