Best costumes for a party for the New Year

Best costumes for a party for the New Year

Every year parents around the world try to make their children the best costumes at the party for the New Year. Someone makes them with your hands, and someone buys in the store. In our country the most popular long been a Bunny costume and snowflakes, but times are changing and the fashion for suits is no exception. In this article we will try to understand what suits on the morning of the most popular today.

Best costumes for a party for the New Year


Regardless of whether you bought your child a costume or made it yourself, it is important not to miss with a pick. Children are not so children, when it comes to such issues. Agree that the suit Harry Potter, Spiderman or their favorite cartoon character, your child will feel much better and confident than in a suit Mushrooms or Snowman. Therefore, before you choose a costume, ask your child who he wants to be at the matinee. I am sure that you will hear a Mature response.

You can also facilitate the child’s problem choice of costume on the morning of independently analyzing the trends of fashion on the characters for costumes for the morning. Caring parents who communicate with their children know all of their tastes and preferences. If you are far from it, I will help you a little. So, the kids of today are following the boy wizard Harry Potter, pirate Jack Sparrow, the boy ninja Naruto, the young monk by the name of Avatar, most comic book heroes of Marvel (Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, etc), Masha from «Masha and Bear, Smeshariki, Luntik and monsters from «monsters, Inc.». These are the most popular heroes to date. If I have someone missed, you can extend the list by writing in the comments.

After selecting a hero you just have to buy a suit. You can also do it yourself. For this you will need the skills of a seamstress or creative thinking, because the costume may come as a cardboard box, and reima children’s clothing. Turn on the imagination, arm yourself with the tools and go! It is better not to do it in the evening before the matinee, because it is not always our ability to coincide with reality. If you do not get to make a costume party yourself, you still have time to rent it or buy in the store. Good luck!

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