Beer alcoholism is a serious problem

Beer alcoholism is a serious problem

Conversation with friends over a bottle of beer — this pastime has become normal for many people. Daily eating at least a small dose of beer, people stop to notice how it becomes difficult to live without it. This process is much faster in adolescence, because the fragile body simply can not effectively resist the formation of beer alcoholism.

Symptoms depending on the beer

  1. Irresistible desire every day to drink at least a liter (according to other sources 0.5 litres) of the drink.
  2. Altered mental status in the absence of beer, the appearance of irritability and aggressiveness.
  3. Man begins to afford to drink beer not only at night but during the day, and even in the morning.
  4. The appearance of the face of obvious signs of alcohol abuse — bags under the eyes, puffiness.
  5. Begin to show symptoms of diseases such as gynecomastia, varicose veins, abdominal obesity (the so-scientifically called a beer belly).

If beer drinking has evolved for a long time, then soon this inevitably leads to the formation of the so-called «Bavarian» (beer). It was first described by a German doctor, Bollinger after opening them many corpses of the workers of the plant for brewing beer. Revealed a number of interesting features beer heart — with a significant expansion chambers, their walls are markedly flattened. Sometimes the heart of beer lovers is doubled, but still cannot cope with standard loads. The fact that it almost completely devoid of mitochondria, which supply energy to the myocytes, which are responsible for the effective functioning of the heart. This position becomes the cause of shortness of breath and a constant feeling of weakness.

The role of advertising in the development of beer alcoholism

To sell, how to produce beereconomically very profitable. It is actively involved and is, primarily aimed at creating a positive attitude to beer, the younger generation. Adolescents do not have enough critical to call into question the very existence shown in the promotional video of the image of a successful person. On the screen, young people see a full, healthy, successful in life people which don’t deny yourself the constant use of beer. Moreover, without the beer and the occasion is not happy, and fun person to appear only after the purchase of this drink. Beer everywhere accompanies success — and on a luxury yacht, in the company of a beautiful woman.

Gradually we put the beer somewhere between values such as career, love of country, friendship and even family. Advertisers are really trying, and the rollers are good quality and encourage to purchase. And very few people aware that most of the advertised products comes from abroad, and successful people just the once to drink so much beer.

Buyers are confident of the usefulness of beer, are a guarantee of huge profits, which are companies engaged in the alcohol. Adults to convinced of it — they grow up to such advertising, already can not do without the harmful beverage.

Opinion medicine

Regular use of alcohol, even in minimal doses, which soon leads to the formation of strong dependence. Any negative consequences of the first is not. The intestine itself produces negligible amounts of alcohol, but when this substance begins in the body from the outside, it is embedded in the process of metabolism, distorting it. So there is physiological dependence, psychological supported by even human behavior changes when it is impossible to drink beer.

This process goes unnoticed for an addict for a long time he remained active in social, human and intellectual terms. For an alcohol content of 0.5 liters of beer is equivalent to 50 grams of vodka. So by drinking 2 liters of beer can be considered that consumed approximately 200 g of vodka.

A very big influence contained in beer hops on the activity of sex hormones. This property makes talking about the double dangers of beer compared to pure alcohol. In men, it provokes the accumulation of fat on the female type due to the increase of estrogen. And women may face with excessive growth of body hair, thickening of voice and facial features. Often problems are not limited only to external modifications — beer drinking can result in the complete impotence and infertility. To cure it here polinar-clinic/services/alcoholism_treatment/.

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