Bedroom interior in Oriental style, beauty and comfort

Bedroom interior in Oriental style, beauty and comfort

The beautiful design of the bedroom is without a doubt concerned with a lot of people, if not indifferent to the Eastern culture, the interior of a bedroom in Oriental style will undoubtedly suit you. It combines the cultures of India, China, and Arab countries.

When making a bedroom interior in the Eastern style direction is common to use only natural materials. To distinguish the registration of apartments in the Arab and so-called » Asian style. Today we will consider the second option.

The color of the interior in Oriental style

  1. The main palette is the use of natural colors. These include soft white, light gray, wood color.
  2. The second color palette to a greater extent peculiar to China – bright colors: yellow, red and blue.

The furniture and decor elements

It is important to make the interior of a bedroom in Oriental style. Is to say that minimalism is the ultimate in modern bedroom interior Oriental style. It is better to pick up on such sites as mebelsklad24/catalog/joype/. it is recommended to buy the whole set, so it was designed in the same style decision.

  • Japan is a small double bed, beside her squat table. The use of different screens, boxes with drawers.
  • China furniture, various solid wood (oak, birch), and is the furniture according to the rules of Feng Shui.
  • India – bamboo furniture, walnut, metal, cane.

The walls and their decoration

The modern trend is to use simple decoration of the walls – fit white emulsion – one of the available simple solutions, or beige. Also walls can be covered with rice paper or burlap.

If you are close to the traditional ways – then you can paint the walls one color to make the wall mural.

The picture is not desirable – it is better to choose a different engraving adopted in the tradition of the symbols – these can be flowers, scenes, Chinese or Japanese life. Calligraphy is also suitable.


The bedroom design Oriental style main principle is simplicity and functionality. Therefore, for the floor including laminate, marble and tiles.

Carpets in Chinese, and I Japanese house you will not meet. However, their use is possible – it is the best fit sand or milky color. It is also possible to use bamboo laminate or carpeted in soft, tonal and color relationships with a texture reminiscent of Mat.

Interior decorating bedroom Oriental style

If you want to add to the interior of your bedroom in East style, it’s time to take care of the necessary attributes of China and Japan (bamboo, birds, flowers, dragons, tigers), which are decorated with patterns, walls, elements of decoration. Also, small traditional decorative figurines will bring a real Oriental spirit to your apartment and house. Do not forget such a common phrase – God is in the details.

The texture and designs on textiles are welcome.(birds, bamboo, pagoda). As an option you can decorate the pillow with small buttons. If you are supporter of modern interior – the bamboo, the flowers on the floor – at the time. Start doing the interior of a bedroom in Oriental style – you will succeed!

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