Beautiful wedding decor with flowers

Beautiful wedding decor with flowers

Beautiful wedding decor with flowers is a great way to give the wedding ceremony, the style and the sophistication. Since ancient times, the heads of the newlyweds was decorated with wreaths of flowers, and nowadays, the Bridal bouquet has become an integral part of this festival. In this article you will learn about wedding flowers and see the options of wedding design.

Beautiful wedding decor with flowers


Long live the wedding flowers were considered talismans and candles. That is why in Ancient Rome the bride’s bouquet was made from special aromatic herbs and included it in the ears of wheat. Such wedding decor flowers guaranteed, according to the beliefs of the ancients, protection from evil spirits and the fidelity and abundance.

Greece wedding decor for wedding ceremonies was performed by using evergreen vines ivy promised newlyweds a long life. In Europe, marriage ceremony necessarily attended orange or Myrtle tree, as the key of childbirth and the fulfillment of all desires.

Today, wedding decor flowers, not just roses on the tables, it’s the whole floral composition, as each element is bound by one style in a single colouring scheme, starting from the groom’s boutonniere and ending entwined with greenery and buds arch over the heads of the newlyweds on your wedding ceremony. In whatever style was not conceived your wedding, wedding decoration with flowers will be appropriate in any case and at all times.

In our time, when decorating wedding flowers use fragrant roses and lilies. First of all they include in a bouquet and boutonniere for the groom. It is the bride’s bouquet sets the tone for the floral decoration of the wedding.

As wedding decor can also be used fabric, ikebana and dry branches. This wedding looks stylish. Flower decoration of weddings and cloth, that’s ideal. Flower decoration of wedding – always in fashion, whether it’s a classic white rose or extravagant orange Lily flowers and ornamental foliage take its rightful place at the wedding:

  • the bride’s bouquet;
  • in the hair of the bride, bridesmaid;
  • on the lapel of the groom, witness, in the form of button holes;
  • in the lobby, restaurant, Banquet hall: on the banisters, the walls, tables;
  • on your wedding ceremony: on the arch, chairs for guests, rose petals in the path of the newlyweds;
  • on cars of a wedding convoy;
  • on glasses the bride and groom.

The house of the bride where the groom arrives, can be decorated archways with climbing plants and rose bouquets, which from the outset will set the tone for the occasion. The wedding procession, decorated specially made floral decorations will emphasize the solemnity of the ceremony. Boutonnieres for festive table will maintain a holiday atmosphere for the whole evening and can be a wonderful souvenir for visitors. A bedroom Suite decorated with flowers will be a pleasant surprise for the newlyweds at the end of a tiring and joyful holiday.

Floral wedding decor , is one of the main stages in organizing a wedding.

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