Beautiful tunic dress 2013

Beautiful tunic dress 2013

Beautiful tunic 2013 are direct descendants of one of the most ancient outfits worn by both women and men before our era. They were distributed in both warm and cold countries. In Ancient Rome, the tunic dress was the clothing worn by the entire population of the Empire. Due to its practicality and simplicity a beautiful tunic not only managed to survive to the present day, but are very popular!

Beautiful tunic dress 2013


The revival of tunics for girls happened in the early 70-ies of the last century, when a solar «flower children» or hippies just started the invasion of India, from which brought the fashion for tunics. This forgotten clothes so relished the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent that he decided to create his own collection of tunics in colours with lacing. Since then, many fashion designers are experimenting with tunics. Tunic dress is clothing that allows you to turn the imagination of the creators in the full scope! One is decorated with trendy tunics with intricate patterns and accessories, other knit tunics crochet, others use expensive accessories and jewelry for decoration. Anyway, ladies like tunics for the same qualities as the men of old – the practicality and versatility. They can be combined with any other clothing or worn separately, creating ensembles in a variety of styles, classic, casual, retro, sports, etc.

Fashion tunics 2014 was marked by bright patterns with prints of nature and animal themes and intricate textures. Color scheme does not have one specific direction and allows you to improvise. Many fashion designers create their collections tunic with several layers of fabric flowing and cascading like a waterfall.

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