Beautiful tile in the interior of your home

Beautiful tiles in the interior of your home is a perfect finish which perfectly complements its design and will last a long time. A huge range and wide range of prices made ceramic tiles one of the leading materials on the market of floor coverings. Also pay attention to the fact that ceramic tile is made from natural and ecologically clean materials.

Beautiful tile in the interior of your home 2

Beautiful ceramic tile and its history

Ceramic tile has been used by mankind since the days of Ancient Egypt and Greece. It was a clay tile with a rough surface with a thickness of 3-5 cm on which were applied the pattern. Beautiful ceramic tiles of those times was more like colored bricks. Later the tiles began to cover with icing, which made her much more attractive and durable. The prototype of the modern ceramic tiles was discovered in the ancient Iranian city of Persepolis. It was a tile size of 150×150×10 mm, a beautiful pattern which was covered with glaze.

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