Beautiful tea cups — Chinese porcelain moulded

Beautiful tea cups - moulded Chinese porcelain 1

Beautiful tea cups molded Chinese porcelain will decorate any table! For their amazing beauty and hidden elegance of the centuries-old history of this ancient Chinese art. Chinese porcelain famous throughout the world as the pinnacle of ceramic crafts. No wonder the English word «China» has two meanings – China and porcelain. In this article, you will see a skillfully made tea-cups, which are striking in their beauty and will be able to see the history of porcelain.

Beautiful tea cups – Chinese porcelain moulded


Imagine China without the tea ceremony is almost impossible. At the beginning of this ancient tradition of tea-cups were made of jade. The production of such tea sets were very expensive and the Chinese potters for a long time trying to create material that surpasses the jade of beauty and practicality. This material was porcelain, which had long been called «imitation jade». He was much more accessible and easy to handle, but was transparent like jade and had similar thermal conductivity properties. Still not precisely determined the exact date of the invention of porcelain, but the Chinese historians attribute the porcelain manufacturing to the era of Han, which covers 204 G. B. E. – 222 C. E.


The birthplace of porcelain is considered the Chinese province of Jiangxi, where there were large deposits of «porcelain stone» (PE-Tun-TSE) is a rock that contains a lot of quartz and mica. Adding to the powder of this stone, kaolin (white clay), the potters gave their products a white color. In order for this mass became plastic need several decades. Only after that mugs for tea and other ware from this clay were sent to furnaces, where it is burned at high temperatures and turned into porcelain. It is believed that only in the song Dynasty (960-1279) Chinese masters were able to achieve the highest skill in the manufacture of porcelain.


The secret of making Chinese porcelain were kept from foreigners, as an important state secret. For the first time Europeans heard about it in the 13th century when Marco Polo discovered China. For a long time, tea cups and sets of Chinese porcelain was worth a lot of money and was the most expensive gift, which was given only to kings. Many European potters and scientists of the time struggled for a long time on the secrets of overseas production of this material and only in 1709, the German chemist böttger able to crack it. This date is considered the beginning of the development of porcelain craft in Europe.

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