Beautiful pergola in landscape design

Beautiful pergola in landscape design

Beautiful pergola in landscape design is not only decorative but also functional role. Pergolas, arches for garden provide excellent support for climbing plants, they create a nice shadow veil, and also have a great aesthetic. In this article you will learn about what a pergola, for what it is and what happens.

Pergola first appeared in the southern countries, as props for vines. At first they were built of boards. Garden pergolas are a gazebo of U-shaped or G-shaped supports-beams, which are interconnected. This design is breathable, creating a shadow pattern on the ground. The construction of pergolas widespread in countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain and other countries whose citizens love to spend time outdoors in the hot summer days.

Today, when creating a landscape design local area, the designer can offer you the manufacturer of pergolas. With its help you can quickly and easily create a cozy area even in a small area of your garden. Elegant wooden pergola for the garden , increasingly began to meet not only the illustrations in glossy magazines, but in real life that testifies to their popularity.

Types of pergolas

Country pergolas in landscape design share the design and materials of manufacture.

Depending on the structure of the pergola are:

  • pergola-canopy, which is adjacent to the wall and serves as a support for grapes;
  • pergola-tent usually acts as a gazebo or pavilion in the garden or on the local area;
  • pergola-a screen that covers the territory of your garden from prying eyes;
  • pergola-tunnel is created usually on trails.

According to the materials of the pergola are divided into:

  • wooden pergolas;
  • plastic pergola;
  • pergolas of metal;
  • pergolas of stone;
  • reinforced concrete pergolas.

In addition, pergolas can be static or dynamic. Dynamic serve as a corridor connects separate spaces, and static are separate structures.

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