Beautiful line of Francois Dubeau

Beautiful line of Francois Dubeau

Beautiful line of Francois Dubeau only draw on the canvas the objects that the artist draws our imagination. This technique was no less interesting than a photorealistic painting. Many great artists used it to do sketches and simple illustrations, but Francois made these beautiful lines with his signature style.

Francois Dabo (Francois Dubeau, 1965) lives near Montreal, loves drawing, photos and music. Has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Concordia (Montreal), worked on marketing. First drawings published in 2005, and now his work, combining Eastern calligraphy and European story, sold to private collections, the permanent Fund of the Institute Kinsey at auctions. He has received awards canadian and American salons. Now uses a graphics tablet and a virtual pen.

Francois Dubeau know how a couple of concise lines, which run through the eyes, to create an image, mood, and even a small plot of life. The stroke of a digital pen, thin beautiful lines with knobs for the strokes, quick and fleeting movements and transforms them into luminous silhouette, calligraphy arabesco, unsurpassed ease and grace – and here it is his creation, more thrilling reality! Every think out what he wants. Minimalism in all its glory. Yes, and black and white.

The theme of women – special for the artist. His graphic works are full of subtle eroticism, they want to consider, and the amazing thing is that these black and white lines are perceived as something alive and living. How is this possible ?

So my question to the artists : this schedule is available only to wizards with nature is it possible to learn this much work ?

Interview with Francois Dabo:

– What you want to Express in their works?

My current work, born of rapture untamed creative energy and motion that is often found mostly in sketches. In addition, the charm, as the viewer, exploring the figure, mentally fills in the gaps digging in his subjectivity.

What artists inspire you?

I admire the works of artists in a variety of styles: Bruno, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Amadeo Modigliani, Mondrian, Kandinsky. What really turns me on is sketches. Much more than the finished work. I love the spontaneity of the lines, gesture – all this we find in the sketch.

– How did you come to using a digital pen and tablet?

– I long worked with pen and ink, have never been completely satisfied with the end result. Ink can be pretty brutal: one mistake and it’s over. Thus, had all the time to control and restrain themselves so as not to spoil the picture working. The creation of a digital pen and tablet was a revelation to me! It took me two years to learn how to use this new tool, but now I can’t imagine how to work without. Each figure starts with a random stroke of the pen, to be the spark that will give meaning to all the graphic composition.

The final version will be a bare line. All other elements are discarded, even color. All that is left is black lines and white background. Using the graphics tablet has made me free, freed from the fear of making a mistake. I can use the obsession of perfection, free to explore the infinity of movement. I own a fascination with the fleeting moments of the sketch, moving, unexpected lines that were erased during the scheduled birth», in preparing the final version of the work.

For more active involvement of the viewer in my paintings, I leave lots of open space, of ambiguity. I sink into myself to make sense of the picture. Each is a balance between the visible and invisible, certain and uncertain, black and white.

Recorded in December 2006

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Beautiful lines Francois Dubeaunapominayut lyrics, sung by the group Semantic Hallucinations. There is also a deeper meaning that can be discerned only with careful thought.

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