Beautiful interior in the style of Provence

Beautiful interior in the style of Provence

The interior in the Provence style is the perfect embodiment of family traditions and comfort. Therefore, in recent years the house, decorated in this style, and are very popular. It should be recalled that Provence is located on the Mediterranean coast of the southern province of France, its beauty and charm conquers the hearts of anyone gets there. From it got its name is now popular style. House interior design in Provence style will fit to people who want to settle in your house the warmth of the hearth, tranquility, hospitality.

Beautiful interior in the style of Provence


The owners of the house, which you’ll see in this article, wished to make it cozy and comfortable for urban life. The design of cottage in Provence style were chosen in order to get away from the vanity and bustle of the city. Peace and quiet emphasizes the bright colors of interior design. Almost all premises are scattered bright spots, the red, or even scarlet chair, like sunshine yellow pouf. Dominated by beige and sand shades. It’s not just for that would visually enlarge and so not a large space, but also to run as much sunlight. That was the main wish of the customer.

The house is not big in its area, so it has two children, a newborn and girls of preschool age, the master bedroom and dining room combined with kitchen area.

Main material is, of course, wood. Parquet in all bedrooms. In one of the bathrooms tiled, custom-made, not a lot of marble. On the walls are mostly Wallpaper and only the kitchen-dining room decorative plaster.

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