Beautiful Indian wedding

An Indian wedding is very similar to the country itself, with a rich culture, vibrant and colorful. They are luxurious, filled with rituals, customs and ceremonies, and, as you know, the celebration lasts from 2 to 7 days. The traditionalIndian weddings» are becoming more popular and some of their motives and rituals even seep into similar celebrations of the Western world.


Traditionally, an Indian wedding begins with the words of the couple of their obligations, which is also known as the Saga. There are going to the families of the bride and groom and their friends to celebrate the engagement. After this engagement may take several days, months or even years before the actual marriage ceremony and wedding party with the following method.

A few days before the main wedding ceremony is such an event as Sagna where family and friends gather for a musical evening in honor of the upcoming marriage. Before the main wedding ceremony is a ritual known as Mehendi or henna painting. In the evening both men and women decorate their hands with henna. It should symbolize the love of the groom and his family to his future wife. And there is a common belief that the darker the color of mehendi on bride’s body, the more it will be loved by his new family and especially mother. Everything is so beautiful that any professional wedding photographer from Moscow gladly agreed to work on this event to get such a beautiful shots in your portfolio.

Mehendi and Sangeet are rituals during which people look forward with hope and wish the young people a happy and long joint life, healthy children and a lot of good stuff. Also at this time, hold cocktail parties and dances.

The main wedding ceremony is also known as Lagan or the eve of the wedding. It takes place at a predetermined date Mandapa (Holy altar). At the agreed time arrives, the priest or wise man who will also hold the bride and groom through what customs and rituals during the wedding ceremony. At a particular moment the couple exchange garlands, symbolizing their acceptance of and marriage. All other rituals are woven into one around this sacred main action.

Indian weddings are accompanied by a luxurious lunch or dinner after which the bride says goodbye to his parents and friends, and goes to her husband and his new family.

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