Beautiful gazebo for garden and backyard.

Beautiful gazebo for garden and backyard.

Beautiful gazebo for garden and backyard can not only beautify your home but will provide you and your guests a wonderful place to stay. All gazebos and garden houses was one of the most common small architectural forms. You can find them in the houses of different incomes in almost all countries of the world.

Beautiful gazebo for garden and backyard.


Usually beautiful gazebo set in the place, overlooking the most picturesque view, usually near the pond or away from home. If you plan to use the gazebo as a summer kitchen, it is not necessary to build it far from the main dishes. If the gazebo is planned as a place for solitude and rest, then it is better to choose a place in the shade of the trees. Building a garden gazebo, you should consider the fact that she immediately becomes the center of your architectural garden composition, and will affect the location of walkways, flower beds, benches, fountains, decorative items and even lighting. Relative orientation of the gazebo according to the cardinal points do not worry if it is open on all sides. If garden gazebos have one or two blank walls, it is better to return them the wall to the North, protecting yourself from cold winds. You also need to ensure that your future gazebo was set on a small hill to avoid flooding of its Foundation.

The style, shape and size of the gazebo is selected according to the taste of the home owner. Of course, it is better to build a gazebo in the same style as the main building. The most common shape for gazebos is a rectangle, oval or hexagon. The capacity of the gazebo depends on its size. Beautiful gazebos come in two types: open and closed. Gazebo closed can be used as an office or summer reading room.

When building a gazebo is very important to choose the right material for its production. Often beautiful gazebo built of wood, metal or brick. Wooden and metal gazebos are more graceful, and stone or brick are durable and reliable. The choice of material will also affect the cost of construction.

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