Beautiful barbecues-order – exclusive the stove is just for you!

Beautiful barbecues-order – exclusive the stove is just for you

Tendency is to set barbecues quickly spread among owners of cottages and country houses. Anyone who has tried this culinary fixtures and appreciated all its advantages, know that BBQ is not only a great helper in cooking, but striking garden ornament.

Beautiful, elegant stove creates a special atmosphere, relaxed and warm, soulful conversations. As a center piece, a kind of twist, it creates a complete composition of elements of landscape decor.

That is why when choosing a furnace, you should pay attention not only on functions but also on external characteristics. If you can’t find the right all parameters of the oven, a good alternative for you would be to order its construction on an individually designed project.

Beautiful barbecues we build of bricks from leading European manufacturers.

What are the benefits of a barbecue under the order?

  1. ordering the construction of the furnace, you will be able to select the any facing materials
  2. BBQ oven, ordered in the workshop kiln, you can add a variety of gun emplacements such as tandir, cauldron, smoke house, oven, etc.;
  3. also the center can be equipped with a sink, lighting, counter tops, special thermometer, and any other accessories necessary for comfortable cooking process;
  4. grill, built-to-order is will be in the gazebo, the bath, summer kitchen and other buildings – in the development of individual models you can choose the desired size and shape.

Where is the best to organize the place for the installation of the grill?

No matter what grill you are going to install on his land, he was able to function normally, you need to select the optimal location. The ideal option is if the layout of the area under the barbecue was held in conjunction with the planning of landscaping of the entire site. But even if the idea to install the stove, you have appeared just now, develop the area harmoniously and with taste it is possible.

How to begin choosing a location for the grill?

  • first and foremost, it has to be fireproof – a Dutch oven should be installed away from buildings and items of flammable materials;
  • convenience, comfort and the ability to move freely also play an important role when choosing a place under grill: guests must be able to move freely without interrupting the cooking;
  • before you grill, it is recommended to put predtopochnyh area: width from the front of the hearth must be at least 50 cm, and on its sides – 20-25 cm. Playground this is necessary in order to protect the lawn from accidentally emitted sparks and embers (in contact with dry grass it can start a fire);
  • when choosing a place under a barbecue should take into account wind direction – it should not take the smoke into residential areas.

Here you can read more articles on the topic of the choice of the place for BBQ.

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