Beautification and landscaping of the infield

Beautification and landscaping of the infield

Beautification and landscaping of the infield allows us to transform an ordinary local area in a real source of joy and pleasure. A wide variety of goods, finished projects will allow you to turn your dream into reality. An ornament to any yard can serve as a smooth, green lawn.

But, in order that he was pleased with their appearance need to make some efforts: align the site to bring the soil to properly organize automatic watering of the lawn, because without this the grass can grow unevenly, etc. in addition, over time, lawn grass must be exactly the beveling.

If the area of the yard allows, you can really create for themselves and their families a place for recreation and relaxation. This is particularly important for urban residents. At the initial stage of works on the beautification of the site near the house you need to make a schematic plan of what roughly would it be this:

  1. Gazebos: wooden or polycarbonate.
  2. Benches.
  3. Playgrounds.
  4. Garden paths: sand, stone, asphalt, etc.
  5. Body of water: round, square or oval.
  6. Garden: Apple, cherry, pear, etc.
  7. Garden. If you plan to plant a vegetable garden, the best method of soil moisture on a hot day is watering hunter, that is required to install automatic irrigation.
  8. Flowerbeds of various shapes and variety of colors.
  9. Decorative elements, such as arches, bridges, railings, etc
  10. Fences, screens, hedges, etc.

No greenery can not do. In fact, besides the beauty, the plants and perform many other functions, e.g. safety. You can protect the yard, not a high fence, and to plant a row of evergreen conifers. This fence is clearly going to protect from prying eyes. For hedges used such trees as:

  1. Fir.
  2. Pine.
  3. Thuja, etc

For internal boundaries, you can use various shrubs, a very original look when trimmed not only exactly in a row, but in the form of any geometric shapes or animals. For these purposes, very well suited juniper. Gazebos, arches look great, if draped with ivy or flowers. Besides we all know that plants absorb noise and dust, prevent wind and produce oxygen, and it is an important factor.

Only after a comprehensive plan is necessary to proceed with the laying of different communications, digging of ponds, laying of tracks, etc. Also need to think about lighting the local area. And soon a cozy patio will carry only positive emotions.

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