BBQ for the garden — outdoor kitchens

BBQ for the garden - outdoor kitchens

Today, BBQ for the garden are considered to be quite effective and useful in terms of their practical operation. Such ovens BBQ, located directly under the open sky, can perfectly cope with the task of heating a particular area in your garden. In addition, they also can serve as a complement to the existing garden décor. In addition, some people just love to watch as a monotonically flames. In this case, being a working outdoor fireplace, they can keep warm in cold weather and view of the fire.

Varieties of garden fireplaces

Among the main varieties of garden fireplaces, which are very popular among customers, are the following: stove with oven, or so-called stove-barbecue.

Oven with cooking hobs

Oven with stove are actually the likeness of the usual summer fare. Their design looks similar with a summer stove. But over such structure is to prevent the fireplace from a variety of moisture precipitation.

Oven, barbecue

Outdoor oven-barbecue is made like regular fireplaces, but it is neatly integrated grille. Also be sure and he requires over him a special canopy. The designs of such furnaces can be found here pechnikmaster/projects/proekty-barbekyu/.

Where to locate the facilities?

They often build outdoor fireplaces in a quiet area where there is room around them to relax and fully enjoy the process. At the same time, care must be taken to use the wind came to the dwelling house, acrid smoke in the result of outdoor fireplace. However, if there are children’s playgrounds, you also need to think carefully about that and there such that smoke is not trapped. Therefore, when choosing locations for equipment, garden barbecue, it is important to consider all these nuances and try to decide with him!

Among the milestones associated with the arrangement of the BBQ facilities can be identified such as pouring the Foundation and brick walls of this design, and of course, tiling. With the purpose of decorating the outdoor fireplace applicable basalt tile. Sometimes is used for such purposes tile from the dolomite. It is possible to apply the tiles are of good quality, has a certain strength.

To hold the furnace-a barbecue in good condition, don’t need much effort. For this it is necessary periodically to remove the ash, if it accumulates in large quantities. Winter street oven should be cleaned of contaminants and it is desirable to cover it to some extent ensure the safety of all construction!

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