Bay sofas Roy Bosh: American furniture that knows your desires

Bay sofas Roy Bosh: American furniture that knows your desires


Bay furniture: the perfection of the interior

What should be the perfect furniture?

Perhaps, all will agree that its mandatory features – beauty and convenience. However, modern engineers and designers went much beyond the standard notions of the ideal. Not so long ago on the market appeared fundamentally new furniture sets – Bay or modular sofas. They quickly gained

popularity among customers, and today almost every large factory of the upholstered furniture releases, at least one such model.


Bay sofa consists of several blocks that can replace each other and be moved between, almost like details

the constructor. Due to the mobility modules, units Bay kit is able to transform from a cozy stylish sofa in a luxury box with a compact corner model – in sofa with exquisite design polugotovnosti, like the petals of a flower, backs. This furniture will allow everyone to discover their creativity and to change the interior of your apartment with a magical ease.

The original design combines high-quality modular furniture with strength. Between the blades are joined with metal staples, with backrest and armrests are additionally mounted hooks.

Bay sofas RoyBosh: American upholstered furniture in a class of

Convenience and extraordinary ease of design features that distinguish the Bay furniture manufacturer Roy Bosh. Almost no exaggeration to say that buying a model of this plan, the buyer actually receives several sofas. We list popular models Bay furniture from Roy Bosh:

  • «Demidov» – a modular sofa in a classic style, with soft armrests and a backrest that has a traditional streamlined shape.
  • «Silver» is a celebration of bold decisions and bright colors. This sofa will like independent natures, like in the whole country. A distinctive feature of the model, a large number of seats.
  • «Decadence» – strict laconic lines of this sofa brings the interior a breath of elegance.
  • «Beatrice» – modular furniture in the American style. This is a sofa that creates the impression of lightness, thanks to the soft tones of the upholstery and smooth lines of the armrests.

Convenience in everything

The beauty and originality of design Bay of sofas is not contrary to the ease of use. Most of the models Roy Bosh is sofas with removable covers, easy to care and durable. Decks seats fold flat in the bow with sofas made of several layers: a lining of felt, durable stainless spring unit, a layer of high quality polyurethane foam, polyester fiber protective coating that separates the furniture fabric covers the platform. Furniture is provided and details such as spacious drawers for linen, the ease of decomposition mechanisms.

Oriel sofas and other models of American factory Muscovites can expect in the salons of furniture Roy Bosh

(shopping Mall «tri kita», furniture center «Grand»).

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