Batman — the beginning of the era of superheroes and comic books

Batman - the beginning of the era of superheroes and comic books

Batman – the beginning of the era of comic books and superheroes! Of course, Batman was not the first person with extraordinary abilities, but he was one of the most popular. The genre of comics was initially just a distraction for illustrators, but that the glory of heroes such as Batman contributed to the emergence of this type of entertaining literature.

Where did the man-bat, who his favorite girls villains fighting the hero and how many movies?

Welcome to Gotham city!


Batman: the dark knight, who lives in the fictional town of Gotham city. Is a millionaire and a ladies ‘ man Bruce Wayne. Fighter against evil woke up in a happy young man after his eyes had killed his parents.

For the first time with the heroes of batmanian the world met in 1939. Then in the 27th issue of Detective Comics published the first comic book Bob Kane (artist) and the Cry of the finger (writer) of man-bat.

Batmanian villains (the Joker, poison ivy, Mr. freeze, two-face) in the original comics

Batman, however, unlike other superheroes, does not possess any supernatural powers. The main motivation for all his good deeds, at least in the beginning, the desire to avenge the death of their parents. He relies on his physical training, Finance and newfangled gadgets.

Fame history of Batman received after 1943, the screens out a 15-part series, Lambert Heller Batman.

The first Batman (Lewis Wilson) and Robin (Douglas Croft)

The series is more like a parody and talked about the adventures of Batman and his young assistant Robin. It is noteworthy that in this picture Batman and Robin were secret agents.

Batman 1943

Initially, the comics Batman was saturated with gloom and harsh reality, but with the popularity of the movie character’s creators have decided to make the story a positive note.

In 1966, the product of the positive was another television series Batman. Here on the screen appeared the inscription Boom and BEMS, and the characters were represented by caricatures of themselves.

Robin (Burt ward) and Batman (Adam West)

However, this circus featuring Batman had no success. Fans of Bob Kane’s indignant they wanted to see detailed on-screen rendering of images and interiors of the comic, and of course, charismatic characters, which they loved.

The villains in the Batman television series, 1966

At this point the film rights to the comic book buys mastodon film business Warner Bros Pictures Co. They decide to create on the screen the true reality of Batman, which was supposed to impress even the seasoned audience.

The representatives of the Studio have been meeting with fans (Yes, it is a real fact). Many wishes of the fans was taken into account when creating the movie.

New Batman movie was released only in 1989. Graphic artist Frank Miller (who later became the second Director of such films as 300, sin City, and at the end of this year will be his full-fledged directorial debut Avenger) drew their own version of comics about man-bat, the Return of the Dark Knight. Comics flying off the shelves. At this point, and began the production of the picture.

Director Tim Burton and Michael Keaton on the set of Batman, 1989

The Directors took then a little-known Tim Burton, his family movie Big adventure Pee Wee was a huge success, and the Barton, in contrast to the Coen brothers, who were offered the survey, undertook the project with undisguised enthusiasm.

The project was prepared long and hard. Willful Barton, faced with the misunderstanding of the fans, went to film in England, where they were much smaller. He also rewrote the script.

Frame from the film Batman 1989

Can you imagine how exhausting was the casting for the main roles. On the sidelines, sounded the names of Mel Gibson, Charlie sheen, Pierce Brosnan, Robin Williams. Soon it was announced that Michael Keaton will be Batman, Jack Nicholson Joker, and Billy Dee Williams – two-face Harvey dent.

Jack Nicholson as the Joker, promosedia, 1989

The role of the girlfriend of Batman approved Sean young that at the beginning the filming was injured and withdrew, it was replaced with Kim Basinger.

Kim Basinger in the movie Batman 1989

In 1992, Tim Burton takes on the production of the second film about the superhero Batman returns. The Director, naturally, was invited for a reason: contrary to the doubts of the fans, the picture 1989 was a huge success.

In the new movie Batman is playing the same Michael Keaton, but the character of the Joker is no more. Say, from working with Nicholson refused because of his ugly behavior during the filming. Nicholson received a huge fee and a percentage of box office receipts in the amount of approximately $ 100 million.

But in a series appear insanely charismatic villains the Penguin (Danny DeVito) and Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer).

The penguin in » Batman returns, 1992

At night it is insidious the cat Woman, and in the afternoon the Secretary, Selina Kyle, in love with Batman

About cat Woman later shot the same film, where she was reincarnated Halle berry

Simultaneously with the blockbuster Batman returns, starts the cartoon Batman, more for kids. He was released from 1992 to 1995:

The baton of batmanian, meanwhile, takes the Director Joel Schumacher in 1995. Joel again, as in the old days, decides to make a film of brightness, fun music and positive emotions. He invites you to the role of Batman Led the Kilmer, enters into the story his infantile assistant Robin (Chris o’donnell) and charismatic villain Edward Nygma in the performance of Jim Carrey.

Val Kilmer in the movie Batman forever, 1995

Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey)

In Batman forever was also spotted Nicole Kidman in the role of girlfriend of the hero of this film became her first blockbuster and brought Nicole’s fame as a sex symbol. Kidman has received for the role of Dr. chase Meridian two and a half million dollars.

Nicole Kidman in Batman forever promisesi

Next tape the bold Batman and Robin (1997) Schumacher continues ironic line. He introduces the picture of a couple of negative characters in the comic. So in the movie there are fantastic Uma Thurman in the role of poison ivy and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of Mr. freeze.

Uma Thurman – poison ivy

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Mr. freeze

Schwarzenegger refused to play the freezer, but $ 25 million (+ a percentage of charges), proposed as fee, influenced the decision of the future Governor of California. But then Arnie did not disappoint and joined the advertising film with the proper Hollywood scale even decorated his own plane in the style of the new movie.

Batman becomes George Clooney. And even though George himself has repeatedly stated that he could not without shame to remember this role, for many spectators it was Batman like.

Uma Thurman (in the normal life her character was a biologist) and George Clooney (Bruce Wayne) in the movie Batman and Robin

Alicia Silverstone (Podruga Robin), George Clooney (Batman) and Chris o’donnell (Robin) in promoserve to Batman and Robin, 1997

In the new Millennium, the creators of batmanian decided to make a trilogy about the rise of Batman. So in 2005 came the first movie Batman begins. Director appointed Christopher Nolan, and the new main character Christian bale.

Batman – Christian Bale

Katie Holmes played in the early history of Batman, the hero’s girlfriend

Three scheduled tape will tell the audience how and why Batman became Batman. Where did the special light, which cause the Savior appeared to the basement, Packed with technology, and of course, who designed the Batmobile.

The dark knight is the second part of the trilogy, was released worldwide this summer and is already collecting an unprecedented box office.

Scene from the movie the Dark knight, 2008

The plot twists and turns will tell you why Batman in the future, so cool to the girls like Harvey dent (played by Aaron Eckhart) has become two-faced and will again represent the mentally unbalanced villain the Joker in a brilliant performance of the late Heath Ledger.

Batman (Christian bale), the Dark knight, 2008

Maggie Gyllenhaal – new girl the bride of Batman and Harvey dent

Harvey dent aka two-face (Aaron Eckhart), to the machinations of the Joker was quite a nice guy

People around the world have already appreciated the game of Heath Ledger


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