Baths of wood: the secrets of health and longevity

Baths wood the secrets of health and longevity 1

Baths of wood: the secrets of health and longevity, the Company «House of Wood Stroy» offers special conditions for the construction of wooden buildings in the winter time: baths of wood going at competitive prices, designer of round logs supplied discounts, and prices for works on installation of roofing is also significantly reduced.

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The microclimate created inside a wooden bath, helpful for human health. In the bath since time immemorial people not only bathed, but also filmed emotional fatigue, tension, treating colds and many other diseases. Baths, built on standard projects, consisting of individual rooms:

• steam

• entrance hall

• dressing room

How many premises can have a bath? Construction of wooden baths consists of several stages: designing of the bath, installation of foundations, Assembly, roofing, window and door openings, and insulation. To create a seal in the joints between the rows contains natural insulation. The steam room is processed using special insulating materials. Based on the needs and wishes of the customer, the project of a bath can additionally:

• terrace

• bathroom

• shower

• rest room and even kitchen

«House of Wood» Stroy: the quality at every stage of construction

The technique of construction used by «Tree House Story» meets all safety requirements and accepted sanitary standards. Construction of wooden baths begins with the preparation of the project. The specialists of «Tree House» Stroy suggest to seriously address this issue. We offer to start a draft even with the internal composition of spaces and landscaped study of the site and soil characteristics.

Received on these issues, the conclusion of experts, the customer will be able to select the yardage baths, its configuration, the presence or absence of an attic, extra spaces, etc. In the final phase of our modern structure are impregnated with flame retardants that are safe for human health.

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