Bathroom design: clever use of space

Radical output – combine the bathroom with a part of another room, for example, the hallway. This method is costly, lengthy and not always possible. You can often connect to a toilet, if they were separate, due to the demolition of partitions can get a few coveted inches. Repair to get expensive, in addition, will have to get different permissions to modify the layout. If you rigidly plan expenses, calculated funds for the repair, lay in the family budget airfare for vacation travel, etc., go to this option more since the redesign, there are always additional problems, the solution of which worth the money.

Bathroom no bath – it is not nonsense, but quite effective solution. Instead of a bath is installed over a compact showerthat is functional and interesting from a design point of view, as it allows you to create a space. Alternatively, it is possible to order a small tubthat can be installed across the premises. There will be plenty of places where you can install, for example, narrow front-loading washing machine or bathroom furniture. Shower cabin will be the perfect gift for the new year tours in this part of the apartment there will be more!

Use hidden features

Many owners of tiny spaces allotted for the bathroom, only to sigh, viewing the directory with the bathroom furniture. Neither the Cabinet, nor even the bedside table will not come in where difficult to fit only the most necessary. However, you can create furniture using niches that are often in similar areas. With drywall and finishing materials can make in-built locker, which will accommodate bottles of shampoo, facial cream, towels, bathrobes and other bathroom amenities. On the walls of the locker, you can install a mirror that is a must. If the bathroom has free angle, it is possible to make the Cabinet the full height of the room, cut off this corner and installing the shelves inside of a triangle.

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