Barcelona — tourist pearl of Spain

Barcelona - tourist pearl of Spain

Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish province of Catalonia. What thoughts come to mind when you hear this name? Football club? Yes, there is a very famous. It itself is an attraction one of the most beautiful European cities.

In Barcelona, life is in full swing, don’t stand still, move forward. The people here are active and purposeful. Rich history, cultural heritage, valuable architecture dilutes the fast pace of city life. Despite the heterogeneity of styles from different eras of the city, mobility and modernity of local residents, they co-exist in harmony with each other. It is a major cultural and economic center that is growing rapidly. The combination of these factors has led to the fact that commercial real estate in Barcelona is very popular.

The city has a Mediterranean climate characterized by warm winters and humid summers. Summer air temperature is 25 degrees, and winter 10. As in many Spanish cities, there are no very hot or very cold. However, going for a walk, you should bring something warm clothes. After sunset in Barcelona windy.

About the founding of the city there are many legends, the most famous of which is the one in which the role of the founder went to the son of Zeus, the Hero Hercules.

Conventionally, Barcelona can be divided into three parts: the Old town quarter of La Ribera, the Raval district. From a tourist point of view the most interesting part is, of course, Old town. Here is the Gothic quarterwhen it was a Central part of Barcelona. Now the quarter – historic part of the city, however, is not devoid of charm. Walking through it, you can find a huge number of restaurants, both small, and large. In this place also are fashionable boutiques and night clubs.

The Cathedral is made in Gothic style. His Majesty and loftiness conquer the hearts of millions of people. Although the Gothic is associated with severe times of the middle Ages, it is not devoid of grace. The static nature of the building makes it a larger, more high. The entrance is decorated with Gothic «socket» – a constant element of this style. Here are the famous «13 white geese».

The city has several buildings designed by gaudí. They all subsequently received the status of «monument of architecture». The connoisseurs of the wizard, be sure to visit the Palace güell, Casa batlló and La Pedrera. By the way, the Palau güell is also the sole creation of the architect in the Old town. With the life of Antoni Gaudi can be found in the House-Museum of gaudí. It showcases the personal belongings of masters, furniture and objects of art created by the great architect.

In Barcelona, there are 6 museums in a different direction, so one of them exhibited military equipment.

La Rambla is a busy street at any time of the day, it is always fun and relaxed. Along it are shops with sweets, flower stalls, souvenir shops. Behind them are the architectural constructions of XV-XVI centuries. It is there to buy gifts for loved ones and family.

Barcelona – the place where you will not be bored, people are charged with the city’s energy, its activity and hospitality.

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